Sunday, August 19, 2012


Not the babies

Last week the nation received the shocking news that an infant was suffocated by its eighteen year old mother. This following the equally shocking news that an 85 year old woman was hacked to death by her mentally ill son. Since then  anger and disgust have dominated the conversations re the perpetrator. A mother killing her child hits us in the deep recesses of our being. It goes against everything we hold dear and understand about a mother's unconditional love for  her child. So we look-often in vain for answers that explain the unimaginable.

 From listening to the too young grandmother's heart wrenching interview on the evening news a picture emerged. A picture of a young girl who desperately wanted to be somebody but  held back by socioeconomic conditions and the challenges of motherhood. I believe on that fatal day the child became the embodiment of all her frustrations causing her to do the unthinkable. Children ought not to die like this and in an ideal world they'd be born to adults who can provide them with the love and care they need..Unfortunately, far too many young girls are becoming mothers at a time when they should be furthering their education and making themselves marketable. Under these conditions  poor parenting,practices and lack of support put these children at risk for abuse.

This is such a tragedy that goes beyond the mother and her state of mind when she committed the crime. Am I to believe that no one close to her saw any signs that this child was in danger? Or did the mother do just a great job pretending that no one saw beyond her facade? Somehow, I  believe there were cries for help that went unanswered and that compounds the tragedy. People should not be afraid to use the Social Services even if it means removing the children from the household. When I think of all the teen moms out there whose dreams have been deferred I can only hope their support structures are stronger and their frustrations find a better outlet.

Abeni, I can say no more, every hair on my arm stands up as I read your worlds, My heart and prayers goes out to that young mother. We as elders ought to pay more attention to the young ones. Society in itself is too critical and the stress of it all is sometimes too much for a young girl to manage.
Abeni, no one is looking out for you when you are a teen mom; you are on your own! In our society, a young girl gets pregnant and society "wipe their hands" from her and that includes the parents(not all)...she on she own.

There is little or no institutional structure within our society to assist teen moms; much respect to Marion House...they try but clearly under-funded and suffer bouts of inept management-speaking from experience. A lot of these females fall by the wayside and life just goes from bad to worse; going through baby daddies to make ends meets. Its a vicious cycle that will continue to spin out of control especially in ill-equipped and morally corrupt societies as ours.

We as a society,as a people, has to do a better job of embracing our young folks. We have to encourage them to look forward to a better life rather than giving up on them when they make mistakes; like getting pregnant. Its not the end of the world if you get pregnant but this is how our society make the young female feels; she basically becomes a pariah and a sample for every tom dick and harry. We have to build up the self-esteem of these young mothers and not forever chastising and ridiculing them for their mistakes.

What is done is goes on...apparently no one never took the time to say as much to this unfortunate young mother.

Nuff respect to all the young mothers out there who are holding their heads above water. Life is a struggle...your fear is your only courage, so you got to push on through...NO WOMAN NO CRY.
Wow, I am agreeing with Saadiss again..feels like the twilight zone:)

Seriously tho Sad and Threading along,these teen moms are for the most part left on their own.After all is their "burden" and they have to carry. Much respect to all the grannies and other caring family members who stepped in and reared many a child born to teen moms. That kinda caring is becoming less and less visible.

The little boy will be buried today..Sigh
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