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Keshorn Walcott to the world

Last week I wrote about how surreal it was to see a  male 400m final without the Americans who have dominated the event.  Yesterday was to be even more surreal when 19 year old Keshorn Walcott from the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago won gold in the javelin throw. My aunt was at a wedding and I "bbmed" her to share the news. Her response was  the following short messages :

Then for good measure she asked "Are you sure girl?" Her response was understandable given that Europe has maintained a stranglehold on the event. In fact the last time a non European won the event was in 1952 when Cyrus Young of the USA was a winner.  I am still wrapping my mind around how truly amazing this is given that the javelin throw is not popular in the Anglophone Caribbean. As a matter of fact the Anglophone Caribbean does not do very well in field events unlike our Cuban brothers and sisters who have produced the great Javier Sotamayor (high jump), Ivan Pedroso (long jump),  Osleidys Menendez (female javelin Olympic and World Champion), Yipsi Moreno (Hammer Throw) et al..

Congratulations to Keshorn Walcott, who by the way is also the World Junior Champion for upping his game on a truly big stage. I hope by now his amazing feat has caught up to him but who can blame him if it hasn't!

Whats up Madame?

Arguably, the most shocking results of the Olympics.A Trini won the Javelin competition? Unheard of.

Now, I hope this result has open the minds of our Caribbean T&F Coaches to focus not so narrowly on just sprinting events...why is it that we cannot emulate the feat of the Cubans in field events such as you mentioned? Instead of bringing Cuban contractors in SVG, how about bringing some coaches? I am just saying.

Why are we just focusing on SPRINTS...for instance, we in Vincyland do not need synthetic track to do field events; [we all know this is the ready made excuse for our failures in Track]... so why are we not doing more to develop athletes in these areas...HIGH JUMP, SHOT PUT, DISCUSS, LONG JUMP and yes Javelin. it possible to have a Vincy HIGH JUMPER FOR RIO...I think so!Lets start the preparation now.

Another thing, how is it that we are in the Caribbean surrounded by an abundance of water...have not produced a world class swimmer since the legendary Nesty? Maybe Mr Akcayli could emulate Nesty's feat in Rio? MM.

This Olympics was awesome and not only for the achievements of the athletes but the whole feel of the Olympics was rather refreshing. The Beijing Olympics was A TECHNOLOGICAL AVANT GARDE; but yet you could not help feeling that it was all contrived to take attention away from the political and social tension in the country.

The London Olympics was refreshing in the sense, that we got a true sample of what it is to be a Brit...the Opening ceremony was classic...humor, humility, pride,forward-looking...The Brits INDEED, GOT IT RIGHT.

Abeni, why did the US not put GAY OR GATLIN ON THE LAST LEG? I think both of them PUNK OUT!Tactically, it was a duncy-head move...Bolt would probably have won anyway...but you have to give your self a fighting putting Bailey on the last leg; the US waved the white flag before Jamaica pull out the bulwood.

Ah gone to do the white man job before ah get a beaten...oh gawd massa wait...ah just writing somethhhhhhhhhhhhh......
LOL...I love where someone said that Trini's can throw something, besides a fete.

Thought that was so cute!
Hey Sir..Me good

By far the biggest upset of the Olympics. You heard all the prizes the govt gave him? They must be really glad they had one gold winner or the treasury bruk.

Re swimmers you realise that despite the abundance of water most Caribbean people can't swim? I can't remember the stat but I read it somewhere. We also need pools..Olympic sized ones before we even ready to compete. You forgot Bovell the Trini medalist. Mr Akcayli got a lotta work to do so we go see.

The Americans claim that Bailey asked for the anchor. They could have put Gatlin on anchor but as you say result would have most likely been the same.

How you like the American girls? That was awesome running! I could watch that race again. And yeah we suck so bring on the Cubans
@Mighty Afroditee ah think the Trinis still

Abeni, your comment about Bailey just solidify my views on Gatlin and Gay...they indeed punk out; how could you leave the last leg to a rookie.SMH.

The US girls were gangbusters...their baton exchanges were flawless...that was the boogieman for them for a while now...hey did you hear the utterances of the chick who refused to do the runoff with Felix for the 3rd spot on the 100m? She is claiming that she ought to have been on the team for the finals...really? My question to her, who are you going to replace on that team..Madison? she smoke you in the US Finals..Felix? Nuff said...Bianca-a relay specialist? Jeter? ah rest my case. She needs to relax.

Yep Overlooked Bovell...we need to throw some youngsters in the Bequia channel and I am certain we will find the next

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