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Hair raising

 Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas, the 16 yr old gymnast from the United States wrote her name in the record books by becoming the first US woman to win gold in both team competition and all round. Even more satisfying is the young African American was competing in a discipline long dominated by whites. Despite shattering the stereotypes and wowing the audience with her skill a lot of talk has been centered on her  hair.

Yes, for the black twitterverse and other online communities Gabby's gelled ponytail has been the source of  disgust and embarrassment. I wish I could be surprised at the vitriol but hair and its issues have long been a  sore point for black women. We have classified hair as bad or good depending on  its texture. Of course the nappier the hair the less desirable it becomes. In my opinion this unfortunate situation is a hold over from slavery where the European standard of beauty was adapted. Madame CJ Walker and others capitalized on this and made  a fortune by straightening the naps of black hair.

Chris Rock's documentary Good Hair discovered black women spend about 9 billion  annually on hair related products. He found the biggest money makers in the hair  business to be weaves where regular black women spend thousands of dollars on weaves and even put them on layaway. Conversely, black women is under represented in the fitness industry because among other things we just can't mess up our hair. So while we fuss and grumble about Gabby's hair be reminded that she is not her hair. How could her hair get so much play when within her tiny body lies so much talent? Her hair which does not define her anymore than ours does should be secondary.

Talent aside, the thing that stood out for me was a resemblance to a young Oprah and not her hair. Gabby Douglas could well be advised to quote these India Arie lines to her detractors:

Does the way I wear my hair  
Determine my integrity?  
I am expressing my creativity
Hey, I am not my hair I am not this skin  
I am not your expectations, no,no  
I am not my hair, I am not this skin 
I am a soul that lives within

Brilliant blog. Gabby was simply phenomenal in her performance and put to shame all those commentators who were bitching about the white girl, so called "best" of the bunch, when she didn't win.

Gabby is the best Gymnast in the world! Let all the haters suck on that.

Prediction: Jeter wins Gold in the 100m. The Chick from Nigeria takes the Silver, and a Jamaican the Bronze.

Ah gone!
Thanks..Mek the haters choke yuh mean:)

Yeah the Americans were behaving as if without Wieber no hope for them. Gabby showed them didn't she

You counting out Shelly Ann Fraser? Yuh brave man
Maybe foolish rather than brave...Congrats to Ms Fraser, but Jeter gave the gold away..ah vex.

Nope! Ah mean "suck" in...yo too

Prediction: Grenada wins Gold in men 400m;US-Sanya wins Gold in women 400m, with the chick from Botswana taking the silver and US taking the bronze.In the men 400 hurdles,Culson wins Gold...sanchez wins Silver and Angelo takes the Bronze.

By the way, our male athlete did a PB in the 100m...not bad under the circumstances...hope that motivates him to keep lowering his times. And what white boy we have representing us in swimming? Where did we find him? Akcayli Tolga, really? Did Ralph gave him a Vincy passport?...ah.

Wait, Abeni, you heard they lock up Serena Williams? Yep, she rodneyking a white girl today...I saw the video, the beating was simply merciless.
Maybe jeter ran too hard in the prelims and couldn't go flat out in the finals. I vex Merrit out of the 400 was looking forward to the rematch with him and James.

Agreed the 400 hurdles could go that way.Novlene Williams of Jamaica could well medal if not win. She ran a great race yesterday.

BTw our swimmer is the son of a Vincy mom Beverly Gunn Ackayli and a Turkish dad. She moved back home quite some time now,one daughter goes to GHS and the boy to Grammmar. That swimmer I think is at school abroad..He legit :)
He legit? Ok My he more vincy than me...dammnnn.

I forgot about the 100m taking place here is my prediction:

Gold-Gay-Best CLOSER

Silver-Blake-He is in the best form of all sprinters...but ah think Gay could run him down.

Bronze-Bolt-Now this is me being BRAVE..LOL...Bolt looks out of sorts.

Dark horse:Gatlin-I am not convince he can beat such a deep field.

Ah gone! I am on the park for the whole day...playing soccer...I am going to miss some games...stewps!

Go Murray!! Federer got served.
Lol you merican as far as ah know

You really really brave with those predictions. Gay of 4 years ago might catch an out of sorts Bolt but not with this hip

How you leave out Asafa so?
Abeni, now you know why I left out Asafa...Asafa is the Carl Hooper of Track, nuff said.

Usain, the high priest of sprints;I am not worthy.

All I can say to Gay...Go in peace and run no more.

Predictions?I am,
Asafa was a tongue in cheek comment. Poor guy freezes on big stage but I felt sorry for him still.

Keep predicting man, at least you were right with gold and bronze medalists in w 400.

I told ya Gay's hip and not enough competitive racing would undo him. BTW, you realise it's his first Olympic 100 m final?
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