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Females on every Olympic team

For the first time in Olympic history every country participating in the games will have a female athlete.  For someone who considers herself fairly up to date on gender issues this was a news item that took me by surprise. However, the more I think of it it's not so surprising at all.  I've always felt that despite the strides  made by women there are still many frontiers to be conquered.

For instance, Saudi Arabia has the unenviable record of being the only country in the world where women are  not allowed to drive.  According to some Muslim scholars allowing women to drive will be the "end of virginity" as driving will tempt them into sex and pornography.  Who knew!  Not only are women not allowed to drive but neither can they vote nor offer themselves as candidates in local elections. Lest we forget the United Nations has declared India the most dangerous place to be a girl given the rate at which female babies are aborted or killed as infants. A female child is simply not as valuable as a boy.

So, I am overjoyed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has bowed to pressure and along with Qatar and Brunei will allow females to compete. Although the athletes did not meet the Olympic qualifying requirements for their respective events they were accepted under the Olympics "universality clause". This clause makes provision for athletes to compete when their participation is deemed important for reasons of equality. We won't see them on the podium but even in the absence of medals they are winners all.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others are perfect examples of how oppressive the Muslim world is. Great observation and much empowerment to our women.
So true,last night I was reading about Saudi Arabia and I could not believe how oppressive that nation is.I guess it will be a challenge to even get the majority of women to understand there is an alternate way of life.
... "I know getting a medal in the Olympics is very difficult, but I am here to open a new way for the women of Afghanistan," said Kohistani, who competes in long black trousers, long sleeves and a head scarf.
"In Afghanistan it is different from here in London. Every day I have to face a lot of problems when I go to training. All along there have been people who wanted to disturb me, to stop me.
"In my society there is no sport for females. My people do not accept sport for women; they think sport is not good for them."
The 23-year-old said that the fact she had arrived at the Olympics meant she had accomplished one of her dreams.
"I don't think I will qualify for the 100m finals, my time is not good enough," Kohistani said.
"But I am going to run on competition day knowing that a lot of people will be watching me; those who like me and support me, and those who are not ready to support me and my sport.
"Being a Muslim female athlete is most important for me. I represent a country where every day there are suicide bomb blasts. It is important that a girl from such a country can be here."
Wey happen to our female athlete? Is it enough to be there or try to do your best?

In the last Olympics, our athlete didn't even enter her event for whatever reason...I am still waiting for an I got up 5am to watch Ms Alexander in her heat in the 400m...she was there, but never finished the the point we sending athletes who can't even represent us on the field of play...are they going just for a joy ride?

Maybe Ms Alexander, was injured or something...but when are we going to really get our act together in the sporting arena? A national stadium is what we need...Grenada is winning world championship in track...what are we doing?
We going backwards in sports. Ms Alexander was very promising in her early career but seems like injuries have plagued her in recent times. Very disappointing to say the least.

We need the stadium, proper coaching, athletes with the discipline etc if our sportsmen are to keep up with their neighbors
We need to look over at our neighbours in Jamaica and try to follow what they are doing.
We just sending these delegation over there time and again to enjoy the hospitality and to wear the T- Shirt and come back to Vincy land woth nowt. Peace
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