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Miss SVG

For weeks I toyed with the idea of going to the Miss SVG Show before deciding it wasn't my cup of tea.. I've gone to probably two shows in my life and each time I was bored out my skin. So I guess it's fair to say I've outgrown the entire concept of a queen show

Some observations about these queen shows irk me a lot

1.Tired of hearing the same old lines about the self confidence the girls gain from entering these events. Really? You have to be pretty self confident to enter in the first place. By the same token methinks it must be  a dent in your confidence to have a group of people decide that other persons are better than you. How demoralising!

2.Each year 95%(my estimate) of the contestants have to adorn their heads with long flowing weave? Oh for more girls confident enough to wear the hair processed or otherwise that God blessed them with.

3.People must stop pretending that they they flock to the park for noble reasons. Contestant no 6 had it right when she said a significant amount are on the lookout for interview blunders. Yes we live for those moments. If anyone has any doubt check FB and Twitter feeds while the show is in progress.Bloodthirsty much

4.Talent section is getting more and more painful each year. It's either a badly sung song, poorly delivered monologue or movements to music. The poor girls appear to be piecing together something to fill the slot. Time to scrap it altogether?

5.Princess pageants are becoming more and more popular. I don't know about others but the sight of these prepubescent girls strutting their "stuff" is err nauseating. For some reason they remind me of the disgusting Toddlers and Tiaras Show. Enough already!

And to think when I was a child I wanted nothing more than to grow up and enter Miss SVG. Thank God age brought wisdom cos me poor little fragile heart couldn"t take the negative vibes. More importantly I don't need no queen show to be royal

Congrats Carice Glasgow. When the first runner up wins best swim wear, evening wear and talent the conspiracy theories will abound. Brace yourself for the backlash

I actually stopped going to queen shows soon after I left high school precisely b/c of what contestant #6 said. I was going to laugh, I wanted them to say or do something I thought was ridiculous so I could retell the story for years to come.

I've taken in a few more than 2 in my time. Between national shows, village shows, high school shows... I've seen far too many young women subjected to an overpowering gaze of which I was a part.

But in all seriousness, I think we need to think about the talent issue. What the contestants and their chaperones clearly think is good enough is also indicative of why we think our looks (fake and altered) will save us in the end.

Enjoy the season!
~ derevolushun
Love your honesty there with respect to your reason for attending. One girl fell last night and the comments went wild.

Year after year the talent is sub standard. Why subject people to that?

Based on last night results looks not enough to save you.
Abeni, well said, I myself has never seen one of Miss SVG pageant, however, if you have seen any they are all the same. And the "talent" part of the competition always have me covering my eyes for the same reasons the media pose with camera ready to see how bad it will be.
It's the same story you have be fom a certain family and neighborhood to win this competition. The other girls are just a fill in. The winner is already chosen before the show happens. Not worth watching.
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