Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Teofilo Stevenson passes

The great Cuban boxer Teofilo Stevenson has died at the age of 60. An Olympic great he won three heavyweight championships in 1972, 76 and 80.  Stevenson may have become an immortal in 1984 had Cuba participated in the 1984 Los Angeles Games.  As he grew in stature boxing fans looked forward to the dream fight pitting him against Muhammad Ali.  However, Stevenson refused the promoters offer to turn pro and the bout remained a dream.  More than likely he passed up millions by not turning pro but he appeared comfortable with his decision."What is 1 million dollars compared to the love of 8 million Cubans?" he said.

He would later retire in 1988 after Cuba also boycotted the Seoul Olympics. Who knows but he was probably denied the chance of winning 5 Olympic golds! A not so well known fact about Stevenson is his Vincentian roots .His father was a Vincentian hailing from the village of Biabou and he paid several visits to his father's ancestral home where he was given a hero's welcome.  In my mind's  I can still see his tall, imposing figure chatting with some guys outside Rio Foods. That was probably about three years ago if my memory serves me right.  RIP Teofilo,your legend will live on.

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