Friday, April 13, 2012


La Soufriere's anniversary

Today April 13th marks the thirty third  anniversary of the La Soufriere eruption. On that morning of April 13th, 1979 it was Good Friday and ironically a "Black" Friday as is today. As has become the norm, the media will be filled of reminisces and educational programmes.  I was not yet born but  through the years  I 've heard the stories of those two plus weeks in April when the volcano awoke from its slumber.  From all accounts it was a nerve racking time as people sought to come to terms with the reality that they could be in grave danger. Thousands of Vincentians in the northern areas fled their homes to take up residence in the many evacuation centres set up across the island.

Up to this day some of my relatives still have some volcanic ash and stones as keepsakes.The term "bodow"( a reference to the explosion of the volcano) became synonymous with  disaster aid and\ remains a part of the Vincentian lexicon. In fact it has  been broadened to include anything that is considered "free".Thirty thrree years on and communication is greatly increased but I often wonder how prepared we are in the event of an eruption. There are more private vehicles now than then but transportation will still have to be mobilised, Do persons in the danger zones know of centres where they should go? Despite public education on the importance of the volcano monitoring devices people continue to vandalise them.  After watching the fury of the Montserrat volcano all Vincentians should have a healthy respect for our slumbering giant. Have we no sense at all to interfere with equipment that could keep us safe?

Peace Abeni... i was just reading some of my old posts that you commented on, and clicked to see if you were still an active blogger. Good to see you are still sharing you world with us. I hope all is well with you. Take care.
semi active:) All is well thanks
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