Friday, February 03, 2012


Yes VincyCares

Sometimes I have scant respect for Vincentians in the diaspora. They appear to be extremely critical of everything Vincentian, know what's best for us but provide little beyond chatter.

That's why I am saluting the efforts of Vincycares an internet based organisation formed in 2009 that collects and distributes school supplies to primary schools across the island. This group came about when one of the founding members met a little girl selling on the streets of Kingstown during school hours. A conversation with the child revealed that her economic reality necessitated her vending in order to procure school material. The lady was so moved by the child's situation that she made a Facebook post highlighting the plight of needy children. This appeal was taken up by Kenley John, a Vincentian based in Maryland who threw out a challenge for those in the diaspora to make a difference in the lives of Vincentian children.

Coming out of this appeal was the formation of Team Vincycares with branches in the USA and SVG. Each year a massive school supplies drive is conducted and the items are shipped free of cost to SVG. At Port Kingstown duty free concessions are granted courtesy the GOSVG and Team SVG then sorts and packs boxes for distribution. Vincycares has also broadened its horizons by contributing pellet seed starting kits and vegetable seed packets to the West St George Sec School. In addition, a scholarship(secondary school) to the tune of $500USD annually was awarded to the little girl whose plight set the wheels in motion. I've heard that the group plans to award two additional scholarships for the school year beginning in Sept 2012.

I really love what they are doing and not because my school has been a beneficiary. It's proof positive that together we can make a difference.

Kudos to Vincycares.Never heard of them until I saw a clip on TV. Nuff respect
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