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No! Sister G

Every now and again politicians make comments that are mind numbingly stupid. In that respect they are not unlike "regular" people but given their visibility and responsibility the comments attract greater attention. The latest in a long line of silliness came from the female Deputy Prime Minister who exhorted Vincentian females not to dress in a manner that tempts men. All of this against a back drop where violence against Vincentian women is quite alarming.

Yet, her strongest words of admonishment were reserved for the victims. I wish I could be surprised but sadly she is not alone with that archaic thinking. Far too many of us(females included)look at a scantily dressed female and wonder aloud if she's begging to get raped. Many times I've felt like screaming when seemingly intelligent persons look me in the eye and link rape with mode of dress when nothing could be further from the truth.
Rape is an act of dominance and power that has absolutely nothing to do with what the victim was wearing.
Rape is the responsibility of the rapist alone.
Women, children and men of every age, physical type and demeanor are raped.
Opportunity is the most important factor determining when a given rapist will rape.

These are truths that need to be constantly repeated until everyone gets it. Therefore, the goodly Deputy PM would be better off by telling would be perpetrators that a scantily dressed woman is not issuing a rape invitation. She cannot and should not be held responsible for the actions of men who disregard the whole notion of consent. Anything else is plain and simple BS

@Abeni...Having read the summary of what "sister G" said in parliament, I think you are being over-critical of the Deputy PM.

I agree that mode of dress is no reason to rape someone, however, I think its commendable that someone of her stature is willing to speak frankly on an issue that seems archaic to today's generation;modesty.

Yes, the message may not be as erudite as Abeni would wish for; but surely, some credit must be given to "sister G" for dispensing some good ole fashion advice to the young females of SVG.

Now whats so wrong in that?
I actually think I am being kind.She wasn't giving advice on modesty for modesty 's sake. Instead she identified a reason for the violence being the poor helpless men can't help themselves when they see scanty clothes..Stewps!
But isn't there a case to be made that scantily dressed females are indeed a temptation to all heterosexual males?

Abeni, do you dress scantily in public? Yes I do agree, mode of dress is no reason for someone to be raped...but some HARASSMENT IS DEFINITELY IN ORDER IF YOU DRESS LIKE A WHORE...I am just saying..."All right, ladies, fine. You are not a whore. But you are wearing a whore's uniform."...LOL.
No Saadis, NO
being a whore is not determined by what you wear.. some of the biggest so called whores that i know of dress properly, speak properly, and yes they are what a mother would want for their sons... but truth be told they have slept with more men than heather hunter.. and she gets paid to do so
@Abebni...are you answering "no" to the question of YOU dressing scantily or are you answering "no" to the notion that scantily dressed women are a temptation to men?

@kgnome...point taken;I was merely being facetious with the "whore" comment...just channeling my inner Chappel.

...But I will still hold to my caveman perspective, that while females have a right to dress however they please...their mode of dress can provoke a man into knocking them over the head and carrying them off...I am just saying.

I have a question...there is the well often cited quote; rape is not about SEX BUT ALL ABOUT POWER...REALLY? DO ALL WOMEN BUY INTO THIS CRAP? Abeni,kgnome, anyone?
I was saying I disagree with your take @Saadis. I suppose you can argue that rape is an act of violence with the aim of having sex. However, the person who is raped does not see it as sex per se. Hence, this woman would go with the view of the raped and stand by an act of power and dominance. This is my last word on it as I get tired very easily of circular arguments:) need to still haven't answer my question to your personal taste of attire...just teasing you... circular arguments?;someone getting upset?:(

Abeni, seen bad boys(2) with Will smith?...woosa woosa...LOL
Breaking my word again....No man not upset at all. My mode of dress is sexy and tasteful..happy?:)
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