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Getting to Zero

At 17 years old her body shows promise of the woman she is becoming. Her eyes sparkle when she talks and you can feel the excitement when she explains her current passion. Lately her eyes are dull and her mood sombre because positive is the last word she expected to hear. They tell her that living with AIDS is possible but her mind has not yet accepted her status.

Sadly, she is one of the large number of persons worldwide who have tested positive for HIV. According to the UNAIDS World AIDS Day report at the end of 2010, an estimated 34 million people [31.6 million–35.2 million] were living with HIV worldwide, up 17% from 2001. This reflects the continued large number of new HIV infections and a significant expansion of access to antiretroviral therapy, which has helped reduce AIDS-related.

The Caribbean has the second highest regional HIV prevalence after sub-Saharan Africa, although the epidemic has slowed considerably since the mid-1990s. In the Caribbean region, new HIV infections were reduced by a third from 2001 levels. HIV incidence has decreased by an estimated 25% in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica since 2001, while in Haiti it has declined by about 12%. Slowing HIV incidence and increasing access to HIV prevention services for pregnant women have led to a steep decline in the number of children newly infected with HIV and in AIDS-related deaths
among children. Unprotected sex is the primary mode of transmission in the Caribbean. The number of people living with HIV has also declined slightly since the early 2000s.

Increased access to antiretroviral therapy has led to a considerable drop in mortality associated with AIDS deaths, especially in more recent years. The theme for World AIDS Day 2011 is "Getting to Zero." with the focus aimed towards achieving 3 targets: Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths. In other words wrap it up, get tested, dismantle the AIDS related stigmas. Get the facts and act on them

The Myth Of Aids
by GSerrano

Google ‘myth of AIDS” and you’re bound to get a list of more than 4 million entries in a matter of seconds. This gives credence that AIDS dissidence is a very palpable thing. AIDS rests on the concept of an infection known as HIV which in itself is a scientific falsity whose discoverer, Robert Gallo, was implicated for science fraud. HIV is said to be measured by a certain medical examination known as the HIV test whose scientific use is dubious to say the least. AIDS dissident scientists have concluded that HIV testing is not credible, so is the proposition of the concept of HIV.

AIDS has been a global conspiracy among Big Pharma, the medical field, and countless cause oriented groups. It is a mind-boggling combination of distorted facts and high-profile medical propaganda that has resulted in one of the biggest alarmist conspiracies known to man. Today, the Global Fund for AIDS has upwards of $11b in funds. The multinational pharmaceutical industry continues to cash in on the power of nightmares. And so-called ‘AIDS patients’ continue to waste from the harshness of expensive AIDS drugs the earliest of which, AZT, was a chemotherapy.

Gallo’s 1984 partly fabricated scientific papers were published in the journal Science, and were thus then accepted as medical fact. Today, scientists have been demanding for the retraction of those papers. AIDS is a lie. It has always been. Though the scientific community has been slamming against a medical myth Goliath, the AIDS dissidence movement persists to uncover the lie and fraud that have perpetuated to oppress those that happened to have been ill of any of the 29 regular illnesses that were put under the surveillance tool called AIDS by institutions that are supposed to guard global health.

The number of people infected with HIV/AIDS is still a sobering number. Because the incidence of infection has been decreasing you don't hear too much about it anymore, but we need to still stay aware, keep teaching and preaching to our community to be safe.
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