Friday, October 07, 2011


Vincy nice still

Lately, I've been feeling out of sorts with my island nation. From one murder to the next, newspaper headlines of sexual crimes to constant politicking it's been a bit much. Yesterday though while on my way to work Beckett's "St Vincent I love you" was playing on the airwaves. After all it's Independence month when patriotism is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Anyway these lines caught my attention

Lovely beach, tropical breeze
Always there within my reach
Can look at the sunrise, can look at the sunset
Sweet Mother Nature, such beauty such splendour

Mango, guava jelly, early morning fish tea
Coconut water, farine and zaboca
Pelau, crawfish and callaloo
Souse, dumpling and manicou
Roast breadfruit, black fish crisps and much much more deliciousness

St Vincent I love you.

The little reminder that says despite the bad there's more to who/what we are was needed. Bless up St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Abeni! I will bet you annnything, that you HAVE NEVER EATEN MANICOU!!!...You are a "bourgie" girl wey yo know about manicou...well nah talk about the "crisp",if you see black fish crisp, you gone the other way...bourgie me say...LOL

Anyway, as you indicated, no matter how vex we are about the manifestations in SVG;WE STILL LOVE OUR HOMELAND.Yes, patriotism is very much in the air where Vincy is concern as we build momentum towards D-DAY.

St. Vincent! Land so beautiful,
With joyful hearts we pledge to thee,
Our loyalty and love, and vow,
To keep you ever free. the way, for the record...It is my fervent conviction, base on my "criteria"(see above)..that all the VINCY BLOGGERS ARE BOURGIE...that include epiphany,Vincypatriot,Will, don't feel I am just picking on you Abeni...[wink wink]

Hey Abeni, wey yo eating dey...Kentucky?!...aaaah I knew it!!!

Farine and Zaboca, sucks! cornflakes
I hope you weren't betting anything big becos you would have lost on every account.:)

Boy I wish I had some crisp and manicou right now,lol you would see how bourgie I am.

Porridge not cornflakes!:)
Abeni, just saw your, you sure somebody nah fool you with some hard-back turkey fuh manicou? really was betting a dollar..that's all I have.

Abeni, will anyone surpass Scakes's independent song? I can't recall any other song coming close to it over the years...likewise Becket's I LOVE YOU SVG..I guess these songs are forever immortalize in the annals of SVG.

By the way, a GREAT PATRIOT HAS LEFT US...Had "Sunny King" been around, he would have been the FIRST PERSON at the Complex on Saturday.

It is most fitting that in the midst of our most patriotic fervor; a most true patriot of the land has taken his final exit from the stage.

Rasum's Perseverance is a strong contender and a possible winner in my humble opinion.

My best memories of Sonny King are with Nelson Bloc Mas camp. Every year we would see him ensuring that everybody was properly lined up etc etc. And he wasnt afraid to shout to get everybody moving but you could tell he had a good heart. May He RIP
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