Monday, August 22, 2011


No Kamla No

Desperate times they say call for desperate measures. And so Trinidad's Prime Minister Kamla Bissessar has announced a limited state of emergency in crime "hot spots". This limited state of emergency, a response to Trinidad's rising crime rate took effect from midnight (sun 21st). There is still no indication as to when it will end or the hours of this limited state of emergency. I have never heard of

1) a limited state of emergency or

2) a state of emergency not brought on by national disasters,war etc-unless Trinidad has decided it's warring against itself.

While I agree that escalating violence in the region is cause for great concern this move strikes me as being panicky, ill thought out and silly. It may be that there will be some short term gain but when this limited emergency is lifted I am sure it will be business as usual. So rather than place limited state of emergencies and interfere with people's basic rights Caribbean leaders better sit down and identify what is driving this upsurge of violence in their respective islands. Having done this they can/should put programmes in place to arrest this situation. It is quite possible that we have lost a significant portion of our youths to organized crime but surely the aim is to prevent their ranks from swelling. Limited states of emergencies may sound good, they may look as if Government has balls but its really a limited response to a dire situation.

Well said! Band aid approach to a festering sore.
Amen...Limited state of emergency, then what?
Since we agree this isn't a sufficient answer or solution, what is a better course of action? An all out State of Emergency? Martial Law? ... I wonder...
Interesting. While I agree that this "state of emergency" maybe a temporary solution to a long term problem; some credit must be given to the TNT Government in trying to alleviate the fears of the people in these affected communities.

I think our police force WILL DO WELL IN ADOPTING a similar strategy in Vincyland. I believe such a strategy could work well in Vincyland due to the size and nature of the country compare to TNT. I believe we are not maximizing our limited resources due to inept leadership of our Police Force.

I am not going to be that critical of least she is addressing the problem...WTF is RALPH GONSALVES DOING TO ADDRESS THE ESCALATING CRIME SITUATION IN SVG?
Hmmm If you noticed I said all Cbean leaders need to sit down etccccc. I have no points to give Kamla for that move there at all..none..none. She better be prepared to keep the curfew forever
Abeni, I think you are being very harsh on Kamla. You say Caribbean leaders need to sit down...I agree, but what do you do in the interim as these "sit downs" meandered along? We all know that CARICOM is a toothless bureaucratic entity that is more in name that anything else.

In the context of the crime wave that is sweeping through most of the Caribbean;I am all for taking drastic action to curb the situation.

Abeni, did Kamla eat your white fowl? c'mon, give the woman some credit...stop "hatin"

Seriously Saadis you really think that move will have any effect? So far I hear them saying they captured some guys, etc etc.Now did they need A State of Emergency to do that? Nah man

Lol I keeping my thoughts about that lady to myself..
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