Monday, August 15, 2011


No 18

Another day and news of yet another female homicide assaults the airwaves. Only 25 years old, her neck slashed by her lover. Murder #18 they say. Somehow I find it hard to believe.

I listen and a weariness fills my soul. Tired of saying the same old things. Tired of reading the many inane comments that populate the social networks like Facebook. Sickened by the pictures of the deceased lying in her life's blood making the email rounds.

Then I happen to over hear parts of NBC's call in show and more weariness as I listen to women express sorrow at a system that continues to fail them. To hear them tell it, the Police seem uncertain or lackadaisical in treating domestic disturbances. Meantime, these women live in constant fear harassed by ex-lovers bent on establishing their dominance.

And so it continues and within my weariness is a growing despair that we are a long way from turning around this situation. Sometimes it is hard being a woman.

Hard indeed..... as in the rape case in NY where a powerful man thinks his money and power puts him above the law, and the domestic worker with a troubled past has no right.
Until the hierarchy of the Police force is shaken to the core...we will continue to spin top in mud where crime is concern in Vincyland. When we have a most idiotic man as police commissioner and a most immoral, misogynistic, person as head of security;what do you expect from these fools?

How can the police fight crime when they themselves are committing the crime? A 14 YEAR OLD GIRL WAS RAPED IN A POLICE STATION BY A POLICE MAN! WTF? Our Prime Minister was accused of RAPE!WTF? Young lady looking for work and has to endure all sorts of sexual harassment FROM THE AREA REPRESENTATIVE! WTF? THREE POLICEMEN WERE FOUND GUILTY IN A COURT OF LAW FOR PHYSICALLY ABUSING A TEENAGER AND YET WERE REINSTATED BACK INTO THE POLICE FORCE...WTF?

18 and counting, SVG, home of the blessed? Yeah right.
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