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Daegu 2011

The big news from the IAAF
World Championships in Daegu was Usain Bolt's shock exit from the 100 metres. I always thought that the new false start rule which immediately disqualified the offender was stupid. Nothing was wrong with charging the first offence to the field then to the person if there was a second infringement.So thanks to the "wisdom" of the IAAF the biggest star of the games could not defend his crown. Johan
Blake,the eventual winner who ran brilliantly found his golden moment overshadowed by Bolt's mishap.

However,the main purpose of this post is to give props to Kim Collins the bronze medallist.Under rated but with big game temperament the old man of sprinting showed he was far from being a spent force. I like athletes like Kim Collins;the ones who perform better that expected and force you to take notice. They remind me of those people who are under the radar but nevertheless get their stuff done.

Nuff respect Kim Collins for doing yourself proud. So far the region is looking good and I think greater things are in store.

Not that I do not appreciate your other blogs...but as a sports man and a Track and field enthusiast; I am quite pleased with your choice of topic for this blog.


I know the IAAF would be pressured by the likes of the IOC to change the rules for London 2012...but personally, I will not change it...why? While this rule is the most extreme of all the other previous rules used; it is the MOST FAIR. The previous rule where the field is penalized, is woefully unfair and should not be revisited. The other rule is open to abuse by athletes who deliberately jump the gun to unsettle the other competitors.

Anyway, my favorite race thus far, was the women's 100m...I was backing Jeter and she came through like a was a terrific race.

And yes NUFF RESPECT TO KIM COLLINS...I actually wrote him off before the semi-finals much less the finals...I never thought he would be in the reckoning for a medal...but he came through...the guy is a boss. Kim Collins for Prime

The Region is definitely representing from Jamaica to for SVG...what can I say, I was looking forward to see Natasha run in one of the heats of the women 100m...lo and behold, she was slated to run...but was MIA at the start of that heat...not sure what was the reason...injured? disqualified?...You tell me.

Our sporting fraternity seem to be in the doldrums. Where is our Kim Collins? wey happen to we Vincy?
Kim Collins shocked me. I wasn't even looking for him at all and I'm Kittitian. I kept wondering how he managed to keep qualifying. Even though he can't seem to break the 10 second barrier his determination and dedication are clear.

I'm also interested in the Antiguan (Bailey, 24) he almost made it to the finals last Olympics, and if he has Kim years on him he has a long time to get better.

Thanks for the small island love. :)
Saadis lewwe agree to disagree on the false start rule. I was happy for Jeter finally getting the gold in the big events. You can't be running all those fabulous times and then doing an Asafa when it comes to the big league.

Not sure w hat happened with Natasha at all. I would have liked to see her run as well but..... Yeah we suck in sports..Look how far our netball team has sunk..sigh

Looks like we have something in common eh Saadis..I am a track and field junkie!

@derevolushun..Small island love all the time..Kim has determination for days!
Gotta love Kirani James
The spice isle must be still celebrating...if I were the Government of Grenada, ah was giving a national day off in honor off Kirani.

Hey Abeni, who do you have for the women's 200m? I going for Jeter to do the double...but ah wouldn't mind if Alison Felix wins...that 200 is going to be fierce; watch out for VCB.

Well ah suspect Bolt will be coming with blood in he eye for that men's 200...I am expecting he will get close to the world record...but not break it, the conditions and Bolt's form is not conducive for a world record...but hey, this is an angry Bolt we speaking of...who knows.

I am jealous of Grenada...Ah think ah gwine lace back up me spikes...London here I
@Saadiss I am going for Allyson Felix..that's my girl right there. She's strong and plus she has a better record at Worlds than Olympics . I think the winner will come from either VCB or Allyson but I expect to see Jeter on the podium.

Bolt will tear up that track..he only running against himself and the gun:)

Grenada must be still partying. Spikes and London?:)
big up all the caribbean athletes
Well its all over in Daegu...and once again Mr Bolt stole the show with another record breaking performance...unbelievable.

The women's 200 was indeed fierce;VCB ran the race of her life...but ah must say Jeter inexperience at the 200 cost her the race...props to you Abeni, you called it.

Next stop, London...and the question is, who can stop Bolt? False starts? By the way, "Athletics' governing body has confirmed it will not change the false-start rule before the 2012 Olympics in London"...only time will tell.

Hey Abeni, any news on Natasha, as to why she didn't run? just curious.
Yeah already getting withdrawal symptoms now the Worlds are finished.

I don't think Felix going to try that 200/400 double in London.Jose Marie Perec she's not:)

Bolt is just Bolt! you know I think they would have lowered the mark more had the US not tripped. What's it with the Americans and fouling up the baton..I hate when that happens.

As to Natasha nobody seems to know...strange indeed
Abeni, I think Alyson Felix should stick with the double. I think she can win GOLD in the 400m and she can also get gold in the 200 WITH SOME LUCK; but she can definitely be on the podium. Right now as things stand;Felix has a better chance of winning the 400 than the 200! I say go brave and do the double...who knows, the track gods may smile upon her with 4 gold...

The US men 4X100 NEEDS JESUS! The record would have been lowered further IF POWELL WAS THERE...imagine Blake running the 2nd leg,Bolt on the 3rd and Powell bringing it home...its murdah she can't see how the US is going to win this race anytime soon...the US at the moment have TWO world class sprinters, GAY & DIX...two against four, and four wins every time.

The curious case of Natasha
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