Monday, August 08, 2011


Belated 7th anniversary

If it were not for my friend Jdid I would not have realized that my blog turned 7 on August 2Nd. It seems like just yesterday when I followed two of my friends and started this blogging journey. They have since quit.

Back then I had no idea where I was heading but it seemed a pretty cool thing to do. In retrospect writing down thoughts had always been a feature of my life since I was about 9 years old. In my teenage years I wrote numerous angst filled "feeling letters" and kept diary after diary. Diaries a medium to make sense of my often troubled life continued up to my early twenties. So transferring thoughts to an Internet audience seemed a natural progression.

And so I write but now the focus is less personal. After all I am a Sally Jesse Raphael type of girl living in an Oprah world. From interacting with commenters s (many of whom have become friends), travelling to Jamaica in 2006 for the Bloggers meetup it's been quite the ride. In a strange way I felt "honored" when a fellow blogger "borrowed" 2 of my posts and made them his. Likewise it is an honor when Global Voices considers my scribblings worthy of a wider audience.

So here I am 7 years later still writing not as often as before but writing nonetheless. The burning issues of sexual and domestic violence, HIV /AIDS and its prevention still dominate my space as I feel these are issues that need constant attention. Even though I have neglected my spot drawn by the lure of Facebook, Twitter or plain old lack of motivation I have invariably found my way back. You see I love the freedom to be me, all me. Many thanks to you who have passed by,commented or given me some word of encouragement. The journey continues.

Happy Blogiversary Hairoun!

Thank goodness you ditched those music videos that automatically started when someone visited. ;)
Happy Blog Anniversary!

One Love,
I almost feel to put back up a music video just becuse I live to terrorise folks
Thanks Geoffrey
happy belated blogversary. need to remember when mine is now
Congrats on 7 years. Your blog has always been interesting and you have demonstrated staying power. It really takes a lot of to keep a blog going. So anyways big up and respect due!!
I think we are about the same age and I also falls victim to Facebook and twitter.
However "Happy Blogiversary"
Dem say, better late than never. Just saw your blog...RESPECT...KEEP BLOGGING FOR ALL ETERNITY.
Thank you Saadis..dinner?
I'm late, but happy belated. It HAS been a long time. Boy, tell me it takes some serious persistence.
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