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So long Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse the talented but troubled singer who rose to fame in 2003 with her "Back to Black" album was found dead at her London home on Saturday 23rd. For years she struggled with drug addictions that she couldn't or didn't have the will to conquer.From one public meltdown to the next her live seemed to he heading to its predictable and inevitable end.

No one seemed able to reach her. Her frustrated mother in an effort to save her begged fans not to buy her music. Neither that plea nor Amy's attempts at rehabilitation worked as she slid deeper and deeper into her drug abyss. My last image of Amy Winehouse, a clip from her Serbian concert where she was booed off the stage was painful to watch. The frail looking singer, stumbling across the stage,unable to even remember the lines to her song was a far cry from the girl who caught my attention eight to nine years ago.

Now her tortured soul is finally at peace. I've read some harsh comments on the net but few seem to understand or acknowledge that addictions could control the best of us. We think they are easy to beat and we never understand why people continue that road of destruction. We just never understand that addicts are sick people fight in the grip of a disease. RIP Ms Winehouse,forever 27 like Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and James Morrison. You had mad talent.

Its clear to me, all this girl needed was some "good loving"...its a pity the she hooked up with the wrong man. When the heart is broken;misery follows.I can't say I am surprised by this news but it is still unfortunate when talented folks leave us so early in life and you have arseh@!% like that guy in Norway still alive.

Abeni, have you ever taken any drugs in your life? And I am not talking about ibuprofen. How about some weed? really? none? are such a goody two-shoes. I am sure Empath and SVG epiphany smoked some weed about you "anonymous" you probably killing some good weed right at this moment...ah notice someone by the name of "rum and relaxation" yep he or she relaxing with some weed

Let me say for the record...weed is good;crack is whack;cocaine is insane and meth is death...but for those young people reading this...please don't do drugs...yeah right, like you all listen to anyone.

The war on drugs is the most misguided campaign and waste of resources in the history of mankind...I say legalize all drugs and let the fittest survive and the weak perish.
Her passing is sad and on some level I was rooting for her to pull through. I didn't like her music at first but after giving her albums some good listening I was won over by the rawness of the emotions she was expressing and her voice, such a big voice. I relate a lot to her music even if I didn't get the life the fueled it. R.I.P Amy Winehouse.
SMH..what am I going to do with Saadiss lol

@empath yes girl, the big voice was her trademark and did she have soul
Very sad to hear of Ms Winehouse demise.
Hopefully she is at peace now. Sadly within the last few years, Amy has been attracting the wrong kinda attention due to her addiction to alcohol and weed and the british press in particular have fuelled this reputation by reporting on her every move.
So sad we will never get to hear what she had in store for us on album number 3. just here sipping on a glass of brandy but only because of a niggly sore throat courtesy of the weird and wonderful nature of the british summer.
its easy to write off troubled souls or people with mental issues. Addictions usually fill some void in the persons life or act as a release/refuge from what they really trying to get away from.

RIP Amy.
Just saw this article and my mind strayed to Amy Winehouse…I am always of the opinion that the “war on drugs” was a most misguided policy. I will not bore the readers of this blog with my dissertation on this issue; instead, I will share the opinion of one of my favorite US Columnists.

There was a quake last week, but you likely didn’t feel it.
See, this particular quake was not of the Earth, involved no shifting of the planetary crust. No, what shifted was a paradigm, and the implications are hopeful and profound.

On Tuesday, you see, the NAACP passed a resolution calling for an end to the War on Drugs.
Said NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous in a written statement, “These flawed drug policies that have been mostly enforced in African-American communities must be stopped and replaced with evidence-based practices that address the root causes of drug use and abuse in America.”

And why not? By now, two things should be neon obvious where the drug war is concerned.

The first is that it failed. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, an advocacy group, reports that after 40 million arrests and a trillion dollars spent to fight drug use, the number of those who have used drugs is up 2,800 percent since 1970.

The second is that it has come down like a hammer on the African-American community while leaving the white community, which does most of the buying, selling and using of drugs in this country, unscathed. The Sentencing Project, another advocacy group, reports that while two-thirds of regular crack users are white or Latino, better than 80 percent of those sentenced in federal court for crack-related crimes are black. That is absurd, obscene and unjust.
It is time to concede what has long been apparent: you cannot jail people out of wanting what they want. But, you just might be able to treat and educate them to that purpose. Granted, that will require a paradigm shift some of us will find difficult to get our heads around.

But if the NAACP can do it, you and I have no excuse.

PS:I never said R.I.P Amy Winehouse…how rude of me.

@JDID, point well taken...
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