Friday, July 01, 2011


Not the way to go M.O.E

The Girls' High School has a clear policy with respect to cell phones and their usage at school. One such policy states that if a phone goes off during examinations the offending student gets zero for the paper. students are aware of this and some have already suffered for failure to observe this rule.

The school's authority is being undermined now that the Prime Minister's daughter has found herself on the wrong end of the rule. It is not the first time the young lady has found herself in the middle of a firestorm. From all reports her failure to submit a needle work project triggered off calls for the subject to be removed from the curriculum. Thankfully, common sense prevailed and needlework remained on the school's curriculum. The Headmistress Mrs Bowman is under pressure from the Ministry to rescind the rule and give the student a 10% deduction on her final mark, The situation seems to be heading for a strong conclusion as the headmistress is adamant that the rules should be applied across the board and not shifted to accommodate certain students.

The Ministry should hang is head in shame for laying down the law to the school and in the process make a mockery of the school's authority. Apart from this it appears to have ignored the vital aspect of classroom management which is imperative for the day to day running of any educational institution. Is the Ministry rescinding its own directive which stated that cell phones are not permitted in the nation's secondary and primary schools? Are they even aware of the CXC regulations which state that if a phone rings during exam the student is disqualified and if three or more students flout the rules the entire center is disqualified?

It is not by accident that Lady Justice is portrayed as a blind lady. Rules ought not to be shifted to accommodate persons depending on class/status.It sends a terrible message to the offender and to other students at large. We often complain about the breakdown in society but then we facilitate and excuse our children's misdemeanors. How are our young people to learn to take responsibility for their actions?

Back off the GHS, the Headmistress is correct. I feel sure the GHS alumni and well wishers would love to take to the streets and "protest for that" Oh yeah proud of my school for its guts.

I support the headmistress. apply the rules across board

did not know about the cxc rule. isnt the 3 and suspend the floor thing a bit unfair to the people who didnt do wrong though?
Yup.The Peter pay for Psaul and Paul pay for all thinking is wrong to me too.It should jsut be the ones with the phones to get the punishment
How I missed this post? Sigh... I can't even begin to describe how livid I was when this story first broke. So many things to say about this. I applaud Mrs. B for sticking to principle but I fear that unless there is a 180 degree turn in the attitude of the emperor then she will be on the chopping block. The whole situation is soo sickening.
Empath..Just SMH at the whole issue.So many diversions
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