Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Dry season?

On the eve of the 32nd anniversary of La Soufriere's eruption the nation awoke to news of flood damage on the Windward coast.Georgetown has been particularly hard hit with one bridge totally destroyed and several homes flooded and/or destroyed. In fact, skimming through the pictures on Facebook it looked as if Tomas had paid us another visit. Despite having significant rain over the past few days it was still a shock to hear of and see the extensive damage. All of this in what has been an extremely wet dry season. It's almost as if Mother Nature is making up for the drought we suffered last year. One thing for sure is there are no half measures with our Mama Nature.

These sudden disasters never fail to remind me of how very vulnerable we are."Two little breeze blow"and our agricultural sector takes a dent, a "little" rain fall and our infrastructure suffers. We are so very powerless in the face of nature's fury and our resources are so slender. Ever lurking in the background is the slumbering La Soufriere volcano which could rumble to life at any moment.Yet some idiots think it is cool to steal and /or damage equipment which monitors volcanic activity.How foolish does one have to be to tamper with instruments that could save your very life. Apparently, very very foolish.

So while I'm loving the unexpected holiday many of my compatriots in the north eastern part of the island are suffering.To them I say, take comfort in the words of the national anthem and remember what ere the future brings our faith will see us through. We will rebuild.

Something strange is going on with st vincent.

No severe rain can be found in the weatherdata and still... a massive flooding.

did Soufriere erupt recently????
oops no,it was to be the 32nd anniversary.Will edit
@D it was continuous rain for a few days.still all were surprised by the scale of the damage.
yeah i was talking to my dad about it... it was bad he said.. till he ha to shut down work 2 days inna row
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