Friday, April 01, 2011


Children in crisis

Little Zoya Garraway was just six years old. I believe like most children she was full of life, inquisitive.loving and brought joy to those around her. Yesterday, while she slept Zoya's mother slit her throat. As is to be expected public condemnation has been heaped on the unfortunate mother. After all, a mother killing a child is a chilling occurrence that forces us to reevaluate a relationship that is associated with unconditional, protective love.

Since then I've heard the mother has a history of mental instability. Even before I heard of the mental issues my immediate reaction was not one of condemnation but deep sorrow and bewilderment. My heart aches for a slain child and a mother who can offer no explanation save "the devil made me do it".If nothing else, I hope Zoya's tragic death forces us to have a mature discussion on mental illness.Ironically, this henous crime came on the eve of Child Awareness month which begun today with a march in Kingstown.

More and more the children of our nation are suffering.According to this week's Searchlight there were 1014 reported cases of child abuse in 2010,the figure stood at 380 in 2008, rose to 420 in 2009 and climbed by 594 in 2010.These are alarming statistics that should make us all take notice of what is happening around us. Last week Justice Gretel Thom , while suspending a sentence on 23 yr old Kellecia Sutherland, charged with causing the deaths of her children was quite scathing with her comments. She was dismayed that villagers knew the children were abandoned for long periods yet failed to alert the authorities.In what I consider her most telling comment she was concerned that despite the presence of so many churches we are lacking when it comes to showing love and concern.

As damning as her comments were, I think she was right on the money.It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how selfish we have become.The camaraderie I knew as a child and teen is gone.We appear oblivious to our surroundings, hardly socialising with our neighbours preferring instead the virtual world and cable tv.The judge has issued a wake up call. Will we heed it? If not for ourselves ,let's do it for the children's sake.

It's the suicides that have me worries over here. A lot of students killing themselves. It's cause for concern.

And the other day, this psychopathic policeman killed off four of his family members before killing himself. This has been an awful news week for Jamaica. I hope we never see another week like it. I hope you never have to read another story of a slain child ... *sigh* :(

Walk good.
Hey ruthie

Suicide is extremely worrisome.A lot of young people are carrying around a lot of hurt. Others are under tremendous pressure and feel there is no one to turn to.It should not have to end that way at all. I saw that story on the news,Very chilling.

Stay safe
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