Sunday, February 06, 2011


Happy Birthday Marley

On this day sixty six years ago Robert Nesta Marley was born. Like all mothers, his no doubt dreamt that his future would be brighter than hers.I believe that never in her wildest dreams did she envision her baby boy would become a mega recording star and quite possibly the greatest lyricist of our time. For me Bob Marley is an inspiration, a giant of a man despite his tiny stature and an example of the sublime talent that Jamaica and by extension the region possesses, He remains my musical hero although he was taking hi last breath when i was just learning how to form words.

His music is at once militant exhorting us to "Get up, Stand up for our rights", conscious as he entreats "Africa to unite",spiritual as he contemplates "Exodus" the movement of Jah people, loudly proclaiming the Rastafarian faith as he encourages his brethren to grow their dreadlocks, don't be afraid of the wolf pack, highly aware of social injustice and certain of the knowledge that "someone would have to pay for the innocent blood they shed every day", hopeful that one day we would emancipate ourselves from mental slavery and sing our own "Redemption Song". And for good measure the showed us he was tender too with the soulful "I wanna love you".

So while I feel cheated that he died before I could attend one of his concerts in his honor I'm having "a punky reggae party cos it's alright".Happy Birthday Bob, you made a difference to this world!

I love his cover of Eric Clapton's "I Shot the Sheriff"
aint it suppose to be kinky reggae... :-) alive? Happy hnew year and it's a ny kinda reggae party we want
Bob is easily one of the greatest personalities in history!
very alive.. and hibernating.. canada cold aint no joke...
My fav line is "Preacher man don't tell me, heaven is bellow the earth...."

Glad your still kicking, doing your thing....
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