Monday, February 14, 2011


Another letter to my heart on Valentine's Day

Dear Heart

Here we are with still only each other for company. Along the way others have wanted to join our world but no matter how they packaged it we recognised it as just offers of sex. And while others have laughed and looked at us strangely we've kept rolling along. You see I've learnt to take better care of you. Gone are the days when I knew what the outcome would be but still hoped to be surprised.

Yesterday, I had a sort of an epiphany. There I was lying on my bed "webcamming" with my aunt, wearing nothing but my morning face when all of a sudden I noticed how positively beautiful my face was. It was just beautiful in its natural state, unadorned by any makeup, just as you are whether alone or unaccompanied.

So I'm thinking rather than dwelling on what is absent I should give thanks for all the growing I've done, for knowing it's not all about sex, for patching up old hurts and living on my terms. And guess what? You know I think some secretly envy us..not that they would admit it but that's our little secret.

Here's to love whether single or not.To those whose love has kept us through the years, who put up with us when we were hardly loveable but loved us still. Happy Valentine's y'all.


My morning face looks like somebody opened the Ark of the Covenant nearby and I forgot to shut my eyes.
wha gine on here though? these steamy posts about webcamming wearing nothing but your morning face. well well well

nuh sorta shame at all den
lo @jdid not that kind of commnt @chris
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