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Lately I've been thinking a lot about earthquakes. Almost one year ago a massive earthquake caused widespread devastation in Haiti.Sadly, the lives of its inhabitants remain chaotic. The pledged aid has not materialised- well not in significantly large quantities. As if tent cities were not bad enough the embattled nation has had to contend with cholera. It's really a dire time for our neighbours who must be wondering when normalcy will return.

If the other Caribbean islands thought they were immune from major earthquakes they/we were given a wake up call. Following on the heels of the Christmas Eve earthquake that hit Trinidad, Dr Joan Latchman of the Seismic Unit UWI has alerted the region to the possibility of being hit by a major earthquake. With images of the Haitian earthquake still fresh this news is chilling to say the least. As if to guard against complacency, on the 31st Dec Dominica was rocked by a 5.0 earthquake. So excuse me if the "Drop..Cover..Hold on" jingle keeps playing in my head.

However, are we really prepared or are we sitting ducks waiting for the worst? Some will say our buildings are sturdier than Haiti's but do we have a disaster plan? I hope we don't have to find out soon.

PS: Happy New year

The best part of this post is the PS. All doom and gloom except for the postscript; a glimmer of hope in an otherwise chaotic sea of horrors.

We're all gonna die slow and painful deaths.
PS: Have a nice day.
Chris,who eat your white fowl?...lol

Good blog!You can never be TOO PREPARED. We in the Caribbean have a tendency to be complacent about natural disasters and only react when its too late.

Abeni, did you say disaster plan?
..."Some of you may want to play Sampson and pull the temple down on everybody’s head, including your own, because you may not get some lumber or galvanise. I warn you: do not do that; because it will be sackcloth and ashes for you..."

Happy New Year Abeni. I know what yu are saying is true, we don't take care of mother earth so from time to time it reminds us of what she can do. But can we really be prepare?
happy new year! yea this earthquake thing aint nice at all. quite worrying actually
Happy New Year to you too, Abeni! Hope the earthquakes avoid us both!
@threading along only by making our buildings according to building codes etc.We moist likely will forget most of what we learnt in drills etc but still has to be taught

@saadiss ignore chris lol
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