Friday, January 21, 2011


Contract killing

Yesterday, speaking from Parliament Dr Ralph Gonsalves informed the nation that a plot to assassinate him had been unearthed. It's not the first time the Prime Minister has spoken about such a threat but it was certainly the most details he has given. According to him security forces had indicated that within one week of the December 13,2010 elections, the conspiracy to kill him was hatched by two cocaine traffickers.

A man who had previously been acquitted of a murder charge was was contracted but was apprehended after a man hunt that lasted little over a week. Acting on a tip, police were able to arrest him as he sought to flee the island via a speedboat. The Prime Minister went on to say that the man was subsequently charged for serious offences unrelated to the conspiracy of murder to protect intelligence sources. A high powered assault weapon was also recovered during the exercise.

Within 24 hours of the arrest another "hit man"was recruited but got cold feet when he learnt of his prime ministerial target. The services of a Trinidadian was then procured but remains at large despite police searches.For now I have no other comment save to say these are interesting times.

Taken from Kenton's blog

"Gonsalves said the conspiracy to murder him was hatched by “two major drug trafficking and money-laundering entities” in the country. The main opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) received “substantial funding” for last month’s election from the two crime syndicates, he said

It seems as if 'someone' is always trying to kill the PM every other year or so.
I'm finding all this hard to believe.
Was he on Sarah Palin's target map too?
I for one am not going to make any link between what he said and the NDP. However, I have no reason to think that what he said is farfetched..not in this SVG
@ Abeni: great post. this is an important issue, no matter what your political views (or non-views) are. I linked your post to one I made (so you'll get exactly one additional reader, lol). In these small islands, all it takes is one petty thug with some cash and guns to turn the whole country upside down. This is scary stuff.

@ Lion-ess: what would make it more believable to you? his actual assassination? A head of govt gives hard details about a plot and you... shrug? Wow. What exactly would Gonsalves have to gain from not only making up a threat on his life, but also making up details about the threat? details that could be easily rebutted by any police officer or prison guard?

What I know from my police friends is that there is indeed someone in custody, and he was indeed found with a serious weapon, and there is indeed hard evidence connecting him and someone else to a plot on the PM's life.
To anyone that has been listening to the street since last Oct. or so, this is absolutely believable.predictable, even. Unfortunately, I don't think this will be the last plot against him. And unfortunately, the police will have to be 100% successful to stop it. the killers only have to succeed once. and i don't think out police have a 100% success rate in anything... this is very sad.
Bulldoodoo!!! If anyone wants to kill Ralph Gonsalves..its pretty easy...put on a dress and visit his office...please...this is just another attempt to play the "victim".

What hard details? Really? VincyPatriot, if someone really wants Ralph dead;its a done thing...the security around Ralph is to protect him from someone "bustin" a hard slap on him...cause you can easily "bust a cap" in his a#$. So I DO NOT BELIEVE FOR ONE MOMENT THAT THERE IS ANY ASSASSINATION PLOT ON RALPH...that fool in custody is a crack head with illusions of
lol @saadiss. Seriously though this story is a prime example of the divide. Using my workplace where people are not shy about their political affiliation all the ULP supporters believe and the NDP's do not.
wow, serious allegations. would hope that no one wants to get rid of the PM like that indeed. If ya wanta be rid of him vote him out.
Saadiss, VincyPatriot and Ralphie all the ingredients to make another snowstorn tolerable.

Abeni, it's has been awhile.... keep up the great posts

Do people really believe this crap?
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