Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Three terms for Labour

Dr Ralph Gonsalves and his United Labour Party have been returned to office. The 2010election was billed as the mother of all elections and it sure lived up to its billing as the ULP squeezed home by the slimmest of margins. When the dust had settled the ULP had won eight of the fifteen seats at stake with the Government's website showing the difference in popular votes between both parties to be a mere 1417 votes.

Politics is not my thing but I could not see the ULP keeping the four marginal seats they won in the 2005 elections. So the result does not surprise me in the least because it was also quite clear that the ULP had lost substantial support in the 2005elections despite winning twelve seats. There are some issues on which I will most likely talk about in subsequent posts but I must give some props to the beleaguered Ralph Gonsalves. During the campaign everything but the proverbial kitchen sink was thrown at him. From the alleged rape, sexual assault charge, the communist bogey to the devil incarnate it was an anti Ralph campaign. When you consider hat little over a year his party had suffered a crushing defeat in the referendum it is remarkable that he was still able to stand.

so the people have spoken, not in a loud voice but spoken nonetheless. If nothing the next few weeks, months could be quite the ride. Congrats to all the winners, we have a country to build.

Abeni, this is precisely what I was takling about when folks renege on their civic duties...The inmates run the asylum.

If you were to take the figures at face value just about 30,000 voters stayed at home;whatever the ULP does whether it is the good the bad or the ugly,the people of SVG deserves it. Its clear that this election was not decided by the issues but on the personalities of the respective party.


If you don't stand for something; you fall for anything.Laaawd hav mercy pon Vincyland.
@Saadiss Everybody knows that the list needs cleaning up. I took some time off and went through the names at my polling station. I saw my dead relatives and persons who have been living oveseas for years. It could be that the majority voted if the same holds true across the land.

I suppose in the absence of linkages between the registry and the electoral office persons have to take in their relatives death certificate or wait for a census to correct it. The other isssues of people living abroad is ticklish .
Allow me to give myself some props: See my post from 12 months ago (Dec. 3, 2009) where I said
"So, if everything broke in the ULP’s favour in the next 12 months, and they got their apathetic voters energised, they’re looking at an 8-7 win."
Why doesn't anyone listen to me? LOL.

re: the voter's list - Adrian Frasier has an interesting suggestion-- if you haven't voted in two consecutive elections, your name comes off the list, and you have to re-register. I like it.

Abeni - did you eventually decide to vote?
@Vincy Patriot well you much smarter than all those political analysts I hear in SVG:). Will Kenneth John ever get it right re Gonsalves and his ulp?

yeah I voted...yielded to family pressure.. they even told me who to vote..lol
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