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We Voting

It's official. Nomination day is November the 26th and Vincentians will vote on December 13th. Prior to the PM's announcement the Opposition leader stating that he was in charge had "announced" that polling day was December 15th. Never in my life had I heard an Opposition leader call elections but then again nothing should be surprising in silly season.

From here on the silly season will get even sillier with seemingly rational persons acting more and morelike idiots.I am already bracing for the loudspeakers,the increased mudslinging and name calling that is part of the political landscape. The ruling ULP is seeking a third term but must be cognisant that history is against them. On the other hand the NDP buoyed by the results of the November 15th referendum have smelt blood and are moving in for the kill.

The next few weeks are surely gonna be frenetic as the election fever takes hold.Some are going to be very unhappy that their Christmas preparations have to compete with political meetings, rallies and general campaigning. Others I suspect will see it as one big party leading into Nine Mornings and the other Christmassy things. As for me,unlike my neighbour I may not even be voting at all.

Eustace took all the air out of the Prime Minister's announcement tonight;it was rather anti-climatic.I think Ralph is

I always find it offensive when someone says they are not voting.To me, there is really no excuse for an adult not to vote. And everytime, I ask someon why they are not voting, its always some lame excuse. I am just saying.

I will hijack a passage I read in an article a couple months ago; its sums up my position on the issue of not voting, quite well.

"The ability to vote is one of the most cherished of our Constitutional Rights. It is the right to vote that people have fought for, marched for, and even died for, over the centuries. It is the right to vote that enables you to express your opinion as to the fitness of our elected leaders and their policies. It is the right to vote that permits you to hire or fire those who represent you in government. It is the right to vote that allows you to determine, to a certain degree, your own future by electing officials who reflect your views and will speak for you in government. But by not voting you are abdicating your right to influence government and allowing the will of others, whose opinions maybe contrary to your own, to prevail. And more importantly, by not voting you are allowing it to be no longer the will of the majority that governs this country, but rather, the will of the minority."
Hi Abeni. I'm a Vincentian studying abroad. I can't remember how I came across your page the first time, but I DO know I've been following for some time. I admire the clearheadedness with which you write. And I just want to thank you for this blog. It definitely is a breath of fresh air. Keep writing.
Hide you children, hide your wives, hide your husbands cause we about to lose our minds up in here, up in here!
Are elections constitutionally due or you guys having them early?
Elections are due, and almost overdue. It is going to be an interesting and worrisome month to come I think. The one thing I hope is that this will be a non-violent election season. I know that is said very often, but this time around, I think it is a very real possibility.

As for your choice not to vote, unlike Saadiss I think it is every persons choice weather they chose to vote or not.

I only hope that whichever government gets into office (or back into office as the case may be) that they start to at least try and bring our little island nation back from what seems to be the brink of disaster.

It's time for politicians here and everywhere to stop thinking about how they can line their own pockets and set themselves up nice, and start to think about the country and people that they server and are PAID by; think of everyones wellbeing and future, not just their own.
@jdid yes they are.

@empath lol yeah

@trini in vincy Thanks much for your kind words.

Saadiss..and what if those up for election do not represent my views..then what? Call me jaded but I find much of it to be a farce.
Abeni,are your political views so eclectic that you cannot find ANY common ground with those on offer in Vincyland?

What is the farce you speak of, are you referring to the candidates on offer or the political system in which they operate?
it has gotten overplayed about this right to vote and you have to vote thing that is the craze these days... if none of these parties that are running are not in representation of what you believe then you have the right to step away... it is what it is....
@kgombe tell me about it.I don't think you should vote for voting sake. I still got a few days to decide...,ent?

How are you doing?
Abeni and Saadiss I hear you both on the voting thing. But I feel like if I don't vote I am leaving the decision of our country's future up to someone who may have been bribed to vote a certain way not really caring about issues or the long term. Abeni most Vincentians do not vote. That may be because of an inflated voters list with people on it who left Vincy long years ago, or it may be that they see little difference between the two parties. It is their prerogative in the end.
Hey Kami.. im good just chillaxing enjoying my cold weather up north (sarcasm).. im so glad im not around for this elections.. cant take the constant noise of the rallies and people arguing.. i'll be checking for updates... :-)
Hey Kami. If it was just the noise and rallies here I would be really very happy. I don't need to highlight how elections here play out. Seems that based on what you say though we Caribbean folk are all in the same boat where the political systems are concerned. How do we make a change when those in authority are quite happy with things the way they are. If the systems change they lose the ill-gotten power that they have through the current corrupt systems. All I can say is that "independence is a b*t*h".
Saadiss I think it's a bit of both.If there were a viable third party with none of the baggage of the dominant two I'd be more inclined to dip my finger
Scratchie,well we seem to be getting there so maybe I better be thankful for the loudspeakers.
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