Saturday, October 23, 2010


RIP David Thompson

At around 9 a.m my friend called to tell me that the Hon David Thompson,Prime Minister of Barbados had died. Even though I knew he was fighting the batttle of his life against an unyielding competitor the news of his demise still caught me by surprise. For close to half an hour I sat quietly and thought about David Thompson, his family, his political journey, his illness and his death.

I didn't know David Thompson beyond a chance meeting in Kingstown where we discussed cricket and Brian Lara in particular. At that time he was not PM Thompson and Brian Lara was going through a barrage of attacks from seemingly every one. It was a tough time to publicly declare your loyalty to the cricketing ability that Lara possesed so it was a pleasure interacting with one who shared similiar views. The thing that struck me most about that encounter was his approachable, no frills, down to earth manner. A couple years later I was to meet him at my uncle's house in Barbados and again the same character traits were present. Like the earlier meeting he was not yet PM Thompson.

Slowly the tears came. Tears of anger that cancer had once more wreaked havoc and taken yet another life. Tears of dismay that a cure still seems so distant.Tears that a young vibrant man had been cut down just when he had finally attained his dream of leading his country. Tears of longing for my aunt and friend who had fought valiantly only to lose their battles as well. Through this medium I wish to express my heartfelt sympathies to his family, close friends and the nation of Barbados who must be quite disconcerted and grief filled.

May the soul of David Thompson rest in peace.

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