Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Miracle in Chile

I wish I could stay home and watch as the Chilean miners are pulled from the earth to the arms of their loved ones. "Breaking news" is usually followed by stories of death and human suffering. So it is such a joy to be following a story that is filled with the triumph of the human spirit. I have no time reference for momentous world events save Mandela's walk to freedom and the fall of the Berlin wall which I was too young to understand. However, watching the emotionally charged scenes in the early hours of this morning were enough to bring goosebumps on my arm and tears to my eyes. I can't begin to comprehend what it was like for those 33 men trapped in the bowels of the earth, unsure if they would ever see daylight again and the horrors that they may never reveal to the world. That long nightmare is now ending and by time I get home my hope is all 33 would be above earth. Much respect to the entire rescue team and all family members who rallied with their men to the end.

Amen! Breaking news that is celebratory and joyful and miraculous. It is a beautiful change.
One of those miners may want to stay down there
all I saw was photos but glad they got out alive.
Barack Obama's election victory and subsequent inauguration should have surely been mentioned among your list of momentous world events in your living memory...unless, of course, you are Republican :)
Republiwho? lol no way and yes I agree Obama was momentous
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