Sunday, August 22, 2010


Wyclef denied

For weeks I've been following with interest Wyclef Jean's bid for the presidency of Haiti. As a fan of the Fugees, I always knew he was Haitian but had left the country at a young age. So, I was rather surprised that he had thrown his hat in the ring given that there was a stipulation that prospective candidates had to have been resident in the country for 5 consecutive years prior to election day. Apart from that hiccup, Wyclef and his Yele foundation have been under fire for the alleged misappropriation of funds. Yet his candidacy was met with such exuberance especially by the youth that you dared to dream he could do the impossible. After all,Schwarzenegger who had never held public office and whose political views were unknown to most californians had won the Californian gubernatorial race.

However, following the ruling of Haiti's electoral council it appears that there is no fairy tale end for Wyclef. Still the problems that plague the Haitians,chief amongst them lack of leadership are ever present.I believe it's this desperate need for leadership that made Wyclef and his superstar persona so attractive despite him not having a manifesto that detailed how he intended to take Haiti forward. Apart from the hope his candidacy bid ignited there is no doubt it also brought the attention of the international media right back to Haiti. As was to be expected after the at times indecent coverage Haiti slowly slipped off the radar, almost forgotten by all as we slipped back into our comfortable routines. With the media 's renewed interest we learnt that conditions in Haiti remained dire and many of the international donors had reneged on their promises.

Now that Wyclef's candidacy has been stalled it will be interesting to see how the media responds. I do suspect that their focus will point elsewhere especially if Wyclef's legal challenge fails. Maybe, Wyclef's next bid should be ensuring that the media continues to shine a light on the Haitian situation. That might just be more rewarding than any presidential office.

Haiti needs a lot more help than a singer whose own financial situation is in complete disarray including that charity which is starting to look like a complete sham which does little more than funnel money into Wyclef and his friends' pockets.

Not to mention, he doesn't speak any French and barely speaks creole or English for that matter. I'm not saying charisma shouldn't play a role in leadership but it wouldn't hurt to have a clue to go along with it.
Awww Chris, he speaks english:) Seriously though I would have loved to hear his plans.
The vitriol coming Wyclef's way from the press and people like Sean Penn, should give those really interested in a better Haiti pause for thought.

The Haitian people should decide!
While he may have good intentions... i really don't think he is qualified to run a country... he could be a diplomat and b eon some kind of council... but to be the big cheese of a country... i am not sure about this.... this is just IMHO
yes Kgombe,part of me thinks he would be biting off more than he can chew.Anyway,his bid is over because he cannot challenge the ruling.I hope he continues to raise Haitian issues.

How things?

@blipsterfarian..Thanks for visiting..
I suppose Wyclef could still do the historically authentic Haitian thing and seize power! He probably can't orchestrate that though....
things good for now... just trying my best to enjoy it as it comes to me...
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