Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Remembering LI 319

Twenty four years ago the nation was plunged into mourning when LI 319 disappeared off Cane Garden point taking 13 souls to a watery grave. If ever there was a case when thirteen was an unlucky number then this was it. Not only were there thirteen persons on board but if you were to add the flight number it takes you right back to thirteen.

Over the years, we have been jolted by plane accidents a little too often for my liking. From my memory in 1997 or 95 after a cricket match between the West Indies and Sri Lanka a private plane filled with Trinidadian cricket lovers lost their lives shortly after takeoff. In 2006 an SVG airliner en route to the ET Joshua airport from Canouan disappeared taking two to their deaths. In the early 90's(subject to correction) a plane heading to Bequia crashed in the Ashburton area killing all on board.Lastly, In 2007 as the Australians were engaged in a CWC07 practice match a light aircraft crashed in the Arnos vale river. Thankfully, no lives were lost.

However, none of those crashes shook the nation like that of August 3rd 1986. On board that ill fated plane, amongst others was the popular and beloved beauty queen Donna Young, former government minister Hudson Tannis, his wife and young son. As far as I know there has never been any official reason given as to why LI 319 dropped from the skies but like most things rumours abound. Whatever the reason,on what I was told was a very stormy night the lives of several persons were changed forever on this dark day in Vincentian history. May their souls rest in peace

strangely I barely remembered this until you started mentioning names. like ol age getting the best of me.

sad days though
No comment on the old age thing, I got a birthday coming up and lol.

Would you know another SVG Air crashed last night?
really i didnt hear about that at all. wow

oh and happy blogversary
Wow. Here's to safe skies, and safe travel everyone.
that's y weneva u board a plane, u whisper a prayer. And wen it land, u say anodda one!
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