Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"Remembering" La Soufriere

Today marks thirty one years since Vincentians awoke to the news that the La Soufriere volcano had erupted. Having not yet graced the world with my presence I have no first hand information of the sights and sounds of the eruptions of 1979. However, I have heard numerous stories of the angry looking cauliflower clouds that that preceded the loud explosions, the forked lightning,sulphur,heavy ash fall, the evacuation camps and aid that was nicknamed "bodow" in tribute to the sounds of the explosions.

As a teenager I saw the awesome power of volcanoes when the Montserrat Soufriere Hills rumbled to life forcing a mass evacuation. In quick time the word pyroclastic flow became a part of my vocabulary helped in part by the amazing but horrifying footage captured by television or satellite crew. Since then I have looked at our dozing mountain with more than a little fear and respect. In fact every time news of Montserrat's volcano hit the airwaves I would cast anxious thoughts on our volcano.

Despite the presence of warning systems I often wonder if we are really prepared should there be a major eruption. By that I mean if evacuation centres are well know, if transport will be readily available, if there are plans to look after livestock etc etc. While a part of me wishes to experience an eruption I would not be unhappy if the mountain stays in a deep slumber.

let that mountain stay in deep slumber. I'm almost certain that many of people have forgotten what that eruption was like or have now established lives that do not take it into consideration!
thank you for making me feel old. I was born but I was in primary school. All I know is that some of the volcanic ash made it to Barbados and I clearly remember being in the old river bus stand and the ground was covered in black soot. It kinda stands out for me though.
Lol sorry Jdid but if thou art old thou art old. Yeah My aunt said it had more ash in BdOs than she left in SVG.

Ruthie I do hope it really sleeps or if it wakes it is as mild as 31 yrs ago.
I have never ecperience a natural disaster in my lifetime but I have seen the after effects of so many I don't think I would want to experience any
Wow I remember that volcano, can't believe it's been 30yrs. We were youngsters then and I remember not understanding how a volcano that erupt way down in St. Vincent could have such an affect on us way up in Barbados LOL Little did I know about the jet stream and wind directions etc.

The old saying 'Let sleeping dogs lie.' comes to mind. As Jdid said, thanks for making me feel old. U was in 3rd form (Year 9)then...
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