Saturday, April 17, 2010


Dance Off

For the past week or so a storm centred around a "dance off" has been raging. It has become the practice for promoters to host these shows where the nation's youths vie for top honours in cheerleading, dance etc. This year's version was thrust into the spotlight when SVG TV aired a clip showing a group of dancers performing some lewd routines. Since then every man jack ranging from the Ministries of Education, Culture,Youth affairs to the man on the street has weighed in with their two cents. As is to be expected, the students and to an extent the promoters have been roundly castigated.

While I found the clip in question to be overly sexual the outrage smacks of knee jerk reactions and more than a fair dose of hypocrisy. One group pushed the limits too far and the entire "dance off" is painted as a breeding ground for lewdness? Nonsense! None of the outraged folks seem aware that that there is a growing culture of vulgarity aided and abetted by the media, parents and society. As it stands the more out there you are the more props you get.

I found the Ministry of Culture in particular to be quite hypocritical. Where are these officials during carnival when young and not so young ladies wearing next to nothing simulate sex for all to see? Where are they when children are encouraged by parents and adults to go infront the cameras and wine as if their little lives depended on it? Where are they when the adult women outdo each other with the lewdness in an attempt to be captured by the camera? Where are you Ministry of Culture and why are you surprised when the youngsters exhibit the learnt behaviour?

These acts, good people are not born in isolation. The young may not listen to what they are told but make no bones about it they sure emulate what they see. Who then is to blame? PS.I expect to hear the Ministry of Education,Youth Affairs and Culture express their outrage over the bar that is to be constructed in the vicinity of GHS, SVGS, KPS and the TSS. As a matter of fact SVG, let's hear you.

this needs to be in the papers abeni... ;-)
Ok boss:)
You know what else is 'off' about the Ministry of Culture's response, in previous years dance instructors and coordinators from the Ministry would have judged the competition and they would have witnessed similar acts by the participants. I laughed when I saw the coordinator on the telly basically saying that the children have a limited idea of dance. Too funny.
And I second Will, this should appear in the papers.
Amen sister, Amen...too much hypocrisy amongst our political and social leaders who themselves just a few yrs ago was doing the same thing, just not in the spotlights.

@At least you understood what the official was saying..I was lost. I wasn't sure if she was referring to cheerleading or dance per se. Either way it was "off"
The Ministry of Education did not endorse the competition although the organizers wrote to them seeking such. As a result, the schools' administration did not sanction the participation of their respective schools. The kids were therefore left to do their own thing without guidance and supervision from a resposible adult such as a teacher. Had this been done that incident would not have occured. As a teacher myself with interest in dance,I wanted to work with my studens, but could not because my supervisor, the Principal did not allow me to since the Ministry had refused to sanction the event. In the end they went on their own using another name other than that of the school. Thankfully they were not caught doing the so called vulgar moves.
Hey anonymous. The promoters erred there too.They shouldn't have advertised it as a schools dance off if the Ministry had not sanctioned it. They should have just called it a Dance off and left it there. Seriously though if it was just a tiny percentage they shouldn't be writing off all the kids as deviant
midday wednesday is your deadline to get this to the papers abeni
interesting! and very correct about carnival
Double standard and hypocritical these complaining factions are!
I'm with Jdid and Will...
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