Tuesday, March 09, 2010


No cricket holiday

Tomorrow,the West Indies cricket team plays the first of three One day International matches scheduled for Arnos Vale. According to Parnel Campbell this is a record since based on his research no other country has hosted three consecutive games versus the same opposition. This record gives me mixed feelings given how abysmal the West Indies performances have become. Hands up to all who anticipated the trouncing Zimbabwe handed down in the Twenty20 and that Windies would lose the first ODI. In a heartbeat I'd trade two of these matches for a semi decent team. I suppose I should be happy for Arnos Vale-one of the most beautiful grounds in the world and a happy hunting ground for the West Indies team. Let's hope for Windies the sake the ground goes back to its winning ways as losing the series to Zimbabwe is unforgivable.

Contrary to popular views I find it quite pleasing that the Govt has not seen it fit to give the customary public holiday whenever the West Indies cricket show comes to Arnos Vale. The one exception I am prepared to make was when the first ever ODI was held here. Other than that I have long argued that that granting a public holiday should be abolished. For one it is not a common feature in other islands even those with smaller populations than others. So why should a struggling economy like ours close down the country for cricket? We really making sport. Most of us don't even go to the ground preferring to relax at home or find other entertainment that excludes Arnos vale.

Let those who really want to go take a vacation day or work out some arrangement with their employers. For those who argue that the ground will be empty I say the empty grounds around the Caribbean are simply a reflection of the product. Maybe if the product improves then you will see more people going through the gates. PS: Good luck West Indies and judging by the performances thus far a little luck could turn out to be quite handy.

You mean people still follow crcket? lol

Call me when 'the product' improves...
well said! I'm a turncoat, I actually supporting zimbabwe.
Greetings from a cricket Lover on the Island of Cyprus, enjoyed the blog,

Lol well Zimbabwe sure didn't lose anything,
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