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Donkey Wedding

Growing up I would hear stories of mock hangings. This fate would usually be reserved for men who had incestuous relationships with their daughters/stepdaughters and those guilty of bestiality. For weeks the community would organise a trial with several witnesses called to testify. My older relatives have said it was not uncommon for trial dates to be broadcast as Public Service Announcements on the radio. So mock hangings were assured of large numbers showing up to follow the proceedings.

Following the trial, the climax was the mock hanging where the effigy of the offender was hung. The village tribunal never wasted any time with appeals so cases were speedily disposed. It's been a while since I heard of any such hangings and I assumed that the tradition had quietly died. I equated the disappearance of such things(rightly or wrongly) as a signal of how apathetic we have become in the face of evil.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that over the weekend a "Donkey Wedding" was held in a North Leeward village. This time the groom was forced to make an honest"lady" of the buxom donkey with whom he allegedly had sexual relations. In the presence of a large audience vows which were preceded by a motorcade were exchanged. Alas there was to be no wedded bliss for the groom as he was dragged off to face court proceedings. He, inevitably was found guilty-perpetrators always are and the death sentence was pronounced and speedily carried out.

Some friends have scoffed at it calling it village silliness.I beg to disagree as it is really society's way of heaping scorn on persons who had committed distasteful acts. By publicly shaming and ridiculing them the villagers are sending a message that some things are just not acceptable. Call me silly but I like the mixture of the ridiculous and the serious. Bring on the mock hangings and preserve a little more of who we are.

First I checked the date of your posting. Not April Fools.

People who oppose the death penalty say things like 'execution is not an effective deterent'.

Giving out speeding tickets to drivers has never proved to be a deterent either. Ergo sum we should not be giving out speeding tickets. But then we'd have to forgo a huge income generating tool for governments.

I suppose if a significant percentage of the male population were to utilize the not so private parts of donkeys to satisfy their urges, then mock hangings or 'donkey weddings' probably wouldn't be effective means of communicating scorn. Probably only women and impotent men would be participating in the scorning.

Sort of like drivers caught speeding. Probably in the course of a couple of years almost every driver gets a ticket for some sort of 'moving violation'.... heh... 'moving violation'... good euphemism.

I'm sure that unless the speed would be really excessive and cause danger, most people would have a problem with public scorning of speeders.

But back to the death penalty: it just gets certain people out of the population. In China they make the person kneel down, shoot one bullet into the head, then shoot another one as a coup de grace. They send the bill for the two bullets to the family. I haven't seen any indication that the death penalty in China has proved to be efficacious in preventing businessmen from putting contaminants in baby formula, for example. But putting a couple of bullets in their heads prevents them from ever making anymore murderous decisions. In Canada there are weird people who think that these sorts of criminals can be 'rehabilitated'. Yeah, right.

The 'donkey wedding' implies that the person caught doing this has the mental capacity to understand that what he did is unacceptable.

Here's hoping that a large percentage of the men witnessing the 'wedding' weren't wiping the sweat off their brows relieved that this time it wasn't them who got caught.

While I do not support bestiality in any form or fashion;I think more attention should be paid to the human victims of these unfortunate act.Having sex with animals are the least of my concerns.

What I do have an absolute concern about is the rampant occurence of sexual molestation of every kind taking place in Vincyland.Our young people is being molested with impunity and it seems that the society has turn a blind eye to this reality.
Even our legal system seem reluctant to address the situation with any sense of urgency or in any harsh manner. Take for instance;in a recent rape case of a 12 year old girl; Arthur Williams argument in defending the child rapist; stated that his client was "just experimenting" compound this, the magistrate-Bruce Lyle, in sentencing the rapist, surmmarise, “You are a very lucky young man. It is because of your age(18) I am not going to send you to prison,” ...“You betrayed her trust and you thief a chance, three times." Wow!..thiefin a chance?...this is what molesting young girls have come to in Vincyland. Unbelievable.

Lets start hanging these fools who rape and molest the women and future women of St Vincent and the Grenadines; and I am not speaking of mock hanging.

Have sex with every donkey in Vincyland; if it means that young girls and women in Vincyland would go un-molested. It would be just a matter of time before donkey turn the tables on its "lover".

By all means shame these poor souls who abuse people's livestock; but at the sametime lets not bury our heads in the stand when all body know that Mr this and that is interfering with his own daughter or his neighbour's daughter...speak out, call the police, hang them! usual a wonderful and insightful blog.
lol @gabrielle you have me in stiches.

@saadiss Remember mock hangings are lighthearted with an edge to them and someone got to speak for the dumb too:)

Seriously though the rape of females is a scourge that won't go away. I have written about it over and over but people tend to pas it off by saying the little girls "bad" or something of the sort. Still we have to talk about it and eventually some one will hear
i'v never heard of anything like it before --- mock hangings, ha! Funny tradition
Amazing, and sort of funny, its all new to me, but the shaming of such rotten men can only be for the good. Chances are the Mr Donkey man will never think of torturing another donkey, and might have trouble finding a real wife.
Very intereesting tradition! I would like to attend one sometime...
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