Monday, January 11, 2010


Dear Prime Minister

I've finally built up the courage to send you a few lines. You see Prime Minister, I like your story- the one of being in the political wilderness until 1994 when you got a seat in parliament. I admired your fierceness and tenacity that toppled two Attorney Generals in the persons of PR Campbell and Carlisle Dougan. Yes Prime Minister, you were the man, the vibrant Opposition leader who kept the government on its toes.

I wasn't here in 2001 when your government came into office but they tell me the streets of Kingstown were jubilant. One person related that he was in awe at the way you had the crowd eating out of your hands at the victory rally. Yes Prime Minister, you were really the man. Later on, I was at the GHS compound when you attended a function put on by the school and witnessed the rousing reception you got from the student body. Prime Minister,I thought based on the reaction that you had this thing locked down for a good while.

However, by 2005 the cracks were showing. Your party won the elections but it was clear its popularity was slipping. Now,if we are to judge by the referendum then your days as Prime Minister seem to be numbered. So Prime Minister, I am wondering how a man who came into office with such public goodwill has lost his appeal so fast. Sir, many before me have identified many things varying from arrogance, victimisation and the fallout from the rape charges brought against you. And that may very well be so but even though I am no fan of politics I realise that governments get judged on the state of the roads, hospitals, bread and butter issues and corruption charges which are either perceived or real. So I figure a man of your shrewdness would know this too and make sure you fly as straight as possible.

I am not sure if you really listening but people have serious issues with the roads especially the Leeward road. As a matter of fact I remember you taking the Ministry of Works to task for failing to fix some roads but it's like all your words falling on deaf ears. Prime Minister, the NDP knew that the "gouti tracks" that people laughed at meant the world to the persons who walked on them. So ,if I could borrow a line from you it's not getting the small things right that is making you lose your appeal. Don't get me wrong, the resource centres, new schools etc are fine but at the end of the day if the people are jobless then discontent will grow.

I am going to end now but before I do the increased security detail around you seems synonymous with your distance from us. It seems a bit excessive and even though times have changed you could go easy on the security. I suppose I should really be offering you some more solutions but I am wondering if it's not too late for you to make a turn around because PM the mood out here has really changed. Anyway, I figure some of the tenacity has to be still there so I am watching to see how you make your moves as elections near. Over to you Prime Minister.

is hard to rule man. Plus anytime they get multiple terms it seems like the enthusiasm gone an they just going through the motions. the next revoltionary in opposition will come up an be a man of the people too and quick so once he/she have the power they will fall off too.
"So I figure a man of your shrewdness would know this too and make sure you fly as straight as possible."
Just today I was discussing this with someone. The people on the ground are not happy. It would seem to me then that since they are are base you should go all out to hear their grievance and see to their needs. I can't imagine that he doesn't get it. It must be something else then.
Well said, too many of our leaders make promises and then forget them once in office.
@Empath yes girl it must be something else for real. But seriously how can you not be listening to what's on the ground.

Jdid so true it happens to all of them but am still amazed somewhat at how quickly the Comrade has lost his appeal
i wonder if he listens to these sort of heartfelt appeals from the people?

i hope so, because the people are crying out in so many small ways...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it
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