Monday, November 30, 2009


Oh West Indies

There was a time when I used to love West Indies cricket bad bad bad. You know like when you have a new love and you just can't get enough of him/her? Like when you want to spend nuff time with them and get sad when they are not around? That was me and cricket until like all/most relationships things went sour. I mean a girl can only take this much of underperformance if you know what I mean. So from this red hot passion; things cooled off until it got to the point where indifference took over.

After the humiliation suffered at the hands of the Bangladeshis I started feeling some pity for West Indies cricket. I guess it is always sad to watch something that once brought joy reduced to a shadow of itself. If not for Bolt and company Caribbean sports lovers would be glum because nutten nuh deh deh to smile bout at all when you think about cricket. So with the contract issues solved albeit temporarily the team left West Indian shores to engage in a test series versus Australia. true to form the campaign has began in a disastrous manner with the West Indies losing within three days. Sad to see it was only the new members in Barath and Dowlin who brought a little joy to the West Indian faces. Much congratulations to young Barath for scoring a century on test debut and becoming the youngest West Indian to do so. West Indians can only hope that he like one Brian Lara who scored his first century in Australia can go on to great things. Failing that it's even darker days for the beleaguered West Indies.

dont waste ya sympathy on those overpaid jokers
Just a tinge Jdid.Just a tinge
Good going...How are you?

sg :-)

Sometimes a generation cleansing brings results...hopefully the proverbial corner is very near...
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