Monday, October 19, 2009


We voting

I keep expecting to see the party shirts because we have already had the rallies or gatherings of the faithful. Silly season has come a little earlier and persons are bleeding yellow and red. These days it is so hard to find a Vincentian as people prefer to identify themselves as NDP or ULP. All of this as come November 25th it is referendum day on our proposed constitution.

On a basic level I like the idea of a constitution created by Vincentians but I also wish I could make the time to read more of it. As it is I am anti queen so the removal of the Queen and her representative as head of state sits well with me. As a side note I've posted here already that national awards should have long replaced MBE's, OBE's and all other E'S. I don't really follow the death penalty argument because as far as I know hanging is very much on the books but the drawn out appeals probably allows for these death sentences to be reduced to life imprisonment. That aside I am in favor of the CCJ as it is high time for Caribbean people to legislate for ourselves. I am not in favor of the increasing the constituencies. Why does a 2x4 place with about 105 or 110 thousand citizens need more constituencies?

I fear though that the whole exercise would turn out to be one waste of funds.The preparation of this final document did not happen overnight and there must have been significant costs attached to its creation. Getting 66% is going to be a very tall order and more than likely would not be achieved. It would be a brave government to resurrect the constitution debate if this one dies at the polls so effectively I think we would stuck with the old one. This makes me wonder if there was the need for a Vote no and a vote yes campaign. Is it naive of me to think that educating people about the proposed constitution without all the drama was the way to go? By that I mean use the airwaves, the town halls but steer away from telling us how to vote. Then again what do I know?

why you anti queen?
I think the monarchy is outdated and has no relevance to us
i'm inclined to agree with you.
The problem that I have with the whole Constitution debate is that our leaders are satisfying their cravings for power and dominance and excluding the voices of the people, which is what the Constitution should represent. They have silenced us by not educating us properly yet urging us to vote.
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