Sunday, October 04, 2009


Let's Farm

PhotobucketIn case you didn't know Farmville is one of the biggest games on Facebook. Every man jack seems to have been infected by the fever including yours truly. So far, I've not set up my own farm but have been busy reaping and helping to maintain my friends farms. Apart from being highly addictive my friends and I acknowledge that there are some life lessons to be learnt from the game.

Lessons like the value of team work as farmers are expected to help their neighbours by sending gifts and helping in the general upkeep. Neighbours in turn reciprocate. It also teaches commitment since you must invest time ensuring that crops come to fruition.The old adage what you sow you reap comes to mind. It also shows that a little healthy competition is not all bad as it inspires you to work harder. After all there are many farming ribbons to be earned. Lest I forget, Farmville forces you to save coins and dollars if you want to jazz up your farm with vehicles, barns, cottages and the like. Oh yeah, Rome wasn't built in a day.

However, the irony of the Farmville craze is that despite the exuberance we show for our virtual farms not one of us has a kitchen garden. This despite our constant moaning over the cost of vegetables. Earlier today, I mentally chose some spots in the backyard where a garden could be started but procrastination will be the death of my ideas. It's beginning to look like I will be a farmer with spotless hands.

oh no... you fell for it too... sigh...

between farmville and mafia i dunno which is more irritating to see on my fbk homepage...
farmville? cha you need to come over to farmtown and become my neighbour
My dear lil brother plays this. It was particularly annoying when the computer was slow the next morning, because his 'crops' were growing over night.....
From what I've studied, agriculturalists are in the worst position of all. If climate changes result in crop failures, farmers are stuck with starvation. They are attached to their land.

Hunters and gatherers are in a much better situation. If the land is not conducive to providing, the animals are moved to better pasture. People do not starve.

These days there is an unseemly movement afoot to promote land slavery.

Ah haa Abeni! I was dragged into that Farmville thing and Barn Buddy and with Barn Buddy you have to make sure monitor your farm so that people don't steal your produce. After a while I felt like all of my time was being consumed by these virtual farms and I got fed up and then just stopped. I tried growing real water melons in my back yard but our over active male cat peed on the shoots and then they died. I will get around to it again though.
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