Sunday, October 11, 2009


Kidnappings reach

I didn't know Agasssi Fraser but I know with the discovery of his body a household in Green Hill will never be the same again. Apparently, the 18 year old Community College student went missing on Thursday and at some point his kidnapper/s demanded ransom. I am in shock that kidnapping has come to our shores. Kidnapping is what I associated with Trinidad and Tobago, not St Vincent and the Grenadines. In my naivety I reasoned the country is too small, everybody knows everybody hence the ridiculousness of carrying out kidnappings. Now, my theories have been thrown on their head because kidnapping is here and most likely will have an extended stay.

I hate to say this but lately I have problems with fellow Vincentians referring to this country as "Home of the Blessed". Yes we are blessed with natural beauty and fertile soil but we are not acting like blessed people when raping, killing and maiming one another seems as easy as breathing. Couple weeks ago the list of murder cases for the Criminal assizes gave me the shivers. No doubt the assizes would have had its share of woundings and sexual crimes as well. Where are we going?

Something has got to give. I don't know about others but at times I feel so uneasy here. So many people seem to be so tightly wound that you avoid bumping into them for fear of being on the receiving end of their frustrations. As a woman, given the prevalence of rape I find myself worrying about my safety a little too often for my liking. Strangers in the neighbourhood give me cause to pause and I feel uneasy when men give me more than the passing glance. Ever so often the unthinkable-leaving St Vincent comes to my mind all because at times I feel as if I'm walking on a tightrope. My heart goes out to the Fraser family whose grief was so hard to watch. I have no quick fix remedy to offer but I trust with time healing will begin. As for my beloved St Vincent I am just not that optimistic.

try an stay safe.

kidnappings in svg? when i read your blog and will's i was shocked to say the least.

dont even know what to say to that. things change. wow
i hate to say this abeni... but i agree with you... we cannot claim to be land of the blessed any longer... migration is increasingly becoming a more viable option...
Yeas guys things are looking bad. Jdid, you can imagine how shocked Will and I are living though this shocker
His family is friends to mines but don't didn't know to much.
i am a vincy student in trini and really hope vincy don't take a page from trini cause, simply...simply...that will give fellas ideas and vincy to small for that shit and dem police not equipped to solve shit like that.
It is very sad to hear about this... i plan on returning home sometime but i just don't know at this point.... i just don't know
@lifeofbrian Yeah We are too small for this nonsense. Unfortunately I don't think this will be a one off thing. We have too many copycats around.

Kgombe, You know you will come some point:)
just for you Kami... Just for you.... ;-)
Errrrrrrr.No comment.
Tis a scary scenerio. The world seems to be getting more and more dangerous......Be safe!
no one is safe any where these days.

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