Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Swine flu is back in town

Swine flu has hit close to home-very close. One student at the St Mary's a section of the RC is confirmed as having contracted the virus with several others complaining of feeling unwell. As a precaution a section of the school will be closed until September 21st. However, I suspect that pretty soon the entire school will be closed.

Somehow in recent time swine flu/H1N1 was not a subject that I paid any attention to. Sure I knew SVG had recorded one case but that was just a blip on the radar. Life, after a few panicky moments quickly went back to normal. With children now involved it's a whole other dimension given their contact with other classmates, teachers and the general public.

I should be worried about exposure but I'm not. I am more worried about the children's well being and the public's obsession with having the child's identity revealed. I fail to see why the child's identity is such a huge issue when the concerns should be measures the school and the Ministry of Health have put in place to reduce further transmission of the virus. In my humble opinion exposing the child serves no real purpose unless we want to place the child in a fishbowl for all to stare.

this is one of the reasons we will never make any headway with the HIV virus as well... everyone is so concerned with staring, pointing fingers and judgment that actual empathy and sensitivity goes flying out the window...


i hope the little one is ok... i hope all the little ones who were exposed as well are ok...
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I really think people are getting a bit carried away with this swine flu thing. every year we get new flu strains (trust me i catch them all) and people die from them too but we dont pay it any mind.
this swine flu is scary! It's especially more contagious when children are involved at this time of the year when school is in session. I hope it will be contained and will not be fatal.
@Geraldes I will check it out for you
I've got family and friends from Mauritius who were in panic a couple of months ago. Actually adults are not really in danger where swine flu is concerned.

Another blogger has dedicated a number of posts on Swine Flu which I think/suggest you should read, if you want.

Bruno and this one
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