Saturday, August 01, 2009


Happy Emancipation Day

Photobucket Massa day done but some say we have just replaced the old masters with new ones.

We got colour in the White House but we saw a black child in tears because he and others weren't allowed to swin at a Philadelphia pool.

A beer summit was held on the White House Grounds after claims of racial profiling filled the airwaves.

Black people still think there is good hair and the more Eurocentric your features are the better.

Vincentians rue the fact that Aug 1st fell on a Saturday.

Despite all this we have overcome great odds. There is much to be proud of, we have indeed come a long way. Happy Emancipation Day!

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very thought-provoking post abeni...

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As Bob said, we have to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery. The actual act may be abolished, but some people are still perpetuating the ideology through their actions.

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bun the chinese spammer, hey aint the blogversary coming up or it pass already. it passed happy belated
Happy Emancipation Day. Only salvation lasts forever. One day all will be equal.
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