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Keep Shop open

This is a must read.(Got in my inbox today) Hilarious!! But True!

If you are unmarried, store this as info to use when you do get married. For the married please share with your spouse.

MANY sisters have boasted in my presence of how often they have had to 'lock shop' early, or how they lock shop for weeks, sometimes months, in order to teach hubby a lesson or just to spite him. These sisters are of the impression that they can do as they please, because they have the shop keys. As a result, they lock shop for every little thing, without giving consideration to the 'shopper'.

There are exceptions to every rule, and opinions will sometimes differ. However, where shop-locking is concerned, my philosophy is that shop should remain open at all times. I agree that teeth and tongue will meet, but shop-locking should never be used as a weapon or tool in conflict resolution. Couples should find suitable ways to solve problems.

It is a fact that not all 'shops' have a common closing time. As a matter of fact when one shop door closes, another is usually right around the corner with a big neon sign that blinks 'OPEN FOR BUSINESS'. Be wary of shops that are open late! The goods they stock are usually illegal, contaminated or expired. Ladies, if you or hubby should get sick or go to an early grave, let it not be due to consumption of tainted goods from another woman's shop.

Shop-locking adds fuel to fire in most cases. Women should never be fooled into believing that by putting up a 'CLOSED' sign on the shop door they are on their way to problem solving. Women, a hungry man will not allow himself to starve to death. Some will stop at nothing in their quest to satisfy their seemingly insatiable hunger. They will accept anything, whether hot and spicy or cold and icy. Some men will eat food not for taste, but for mere survival. They eat to live, to satisfy a need. That, my friends, is the nature of man.

When shop locks, who suffers more? In reality isn't it the shopkeeper more than the shopper? Sisters, please, I implore you, learn from the immigrants who come and set up shop on our soil, and keep shop open. Stop closing shop for every little thing. Open shop in shop seasons. Open shop on holidays. Open shop late at nights. Open shop during storm and hurricane. Open shop when shop should be open.

Even the well-bred man who eats out and scrupulously cleans his hands and mouth will bring home even a morsel from his street meal. Visualise what could happen when shop reopens for business as usual and some of his contaminated crumbs fall onto your plate. Imagine that you would have contributed to this scenario by locking shop. A word to the wise is sufficient!

Jacqueline Champier has an MSc in counselling and psychology and writes from Mandeville Jamaica

ha ha ha ha love it. I say if shop must remain open after desired times then the goods in the shop must cost more for the extra effort of having shop open at all times. sounds like a fair trade. the Shopper must pay extra for having the ability to shop at all hours of the night and any day they want to shop.
This is a great post! I love it.
Camp ,I say shop must close at times man. Even shopkeepers need a rest to recharge and come back fresh:)
nothing worst than a run down shop :-) ... shop must close down at certain times to regroup
Doltishness. This needs to be thought through. Is a woman to totally subjugate her sexual desires which are affected deeply by the emotional climate within the relationship to that of a man? The idea that a man is nothing but a walking penis who should be treated as being unable to control himself or behave with compassion and sensitivity towards his woman at the heart of this article. If you call a bad dog then bad dog you will get.

Masters in counselling my arse
wow... somebody is upset.... like it says... hilarious!!! its all fun and games
LOL! Yes shop fi open! LOL!
Sad 2 say it, Mizz J, but men do look sort of like walking penises to me! I can understand how women might want to lock shop, and hey, do it if you want to, but beware of locking the shop too long. Plenty other shops deh bout!
closing shop to teach a lesson is silly. that said if shopkeper vex with shopper then by all means close shop. i doan wanta shop at no store when the shop keeper vex wid me.
yes yes.. as expected this one generated some witty comments.
Each shop has a shoppers guide abi ? So let the shop remain open to guide the mon
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