Monday, June 15, 2009


Carnival virus

This H1N1 virus really got a weird sense of humour. Imagine Vincy Mas is practically here and people gearing up for fun in the July sun only to hear the virus done reach Caribbean shores. In hindsight, I won't have minded if there was a quarantine during Miss SVG show cos not only would I be $30 richer but my time would have been better spent elsewhere. Instead, to put it mildly I had to suffer through a borefest.

Anyway, I am sure it is not not just Vincies grumbling under their breath because something tells me that the Bajans, Antiguans, Grenadians and all them other islands priming up for carnival not too happy. Now, when the unknown man try to teef a wine you have to wonder if he infecting you with more than alcoholic breath and sour body odour. Y'all know the type, right?

H1N1 probably does not know that carnivals and masks go hand in hand so the last laugh will be ours. So you know what, we going to do like New Orleans and create some fancy masks. No bland surgical masks for us at all, ours will be ultra modern whilst offering maximum protection. Yes, we shall party in style cos after all no rain, storm , H1N1 or any animal flu stopping the carnival.

interestingly enough, masks are absolutely no protection from getting an airborne virus such as this... they merely act as placebos to make us feel more secure...

and abeni! you didn't strike me as the kind of girl who'd allow strangers to tief a wine!!! wanna mek a plan for carnival tuesday? :-P
Abeni girl, rum and hot sun will fry that H1N1 virus.
@Will I looking for you for the carnival!!LOL!
H1NI got everyone running scared but ya gotta do what ya gotta do i guess
Either rum and hot sun fry that H1N1 virus, or sweat and moist heat incubate it :D
lol tru,the sunset rum and the sun will do it

no comment,will:)
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