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Twenty 20, are you ready? Not the Stanford version but the ICC's. Despite having lost my enthusiasm for West Indies cricket and being unable to watch many of the games, the tournament is at an interesting juncture.

With West Indies one win away from a finals berth it is inevitable that thoughts of lifting the trophy are taking centre stage. History is also on The West Indies side since the team has won its two World Cups and the ICC Champion Trophy on English soil. South Africa looks as awesome as they did ten years ago in England. Despite looking like champions they faltered at the semi finals and could only watch as Australia lifted the 1999 Cricket World Cup.

Will the West Indies make it trophy number 4 in England? Or, will South Africa lose the choker tag and remain unbeaten? Or will Sri Lanka and Pakistan steal the show and create their own history. So many questions but come June 21st all will be answered.

Update. Poor South Africa,faltering yet again at semi final stage.

I am looking into my crystal ball and I see great things happening for the remaining ICC 20/20 matches. For whom is another question. I'll have to go buff the glass to get a clearer result.
i was never really a fan of WI cricket until now. boy i get suck in when i see Gayle hit them balls over, through and out of Lords.

Lord, I hope they mash them teams up. Pakistan looks dangerous.
Keep a close eye out for India. They have been perfecting their game and honing their local talent through 20/20 championships in their local leagues.

I wouldn't close my eyes around them.
20-twenty is wack!

and i see ya goatmout south africa already so i know tomorrow windies is toast :-)
No Jdid, I didn't goatmouth them at all.They are C.h.o.k.e.r.s :)

Kathy, India out of the tournament already which has caused much heartbreak in India
goatmout goatmout goatmout
hush hush a girl can't muse
1 for 3...that is what i hear durning my nap. i turned over and went back to sleep. :(
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