Wednesday, May 27, 2009


War on drugs

On Sunday last, I almost thought I was in a war zone as helicopters interrupted the minister's sermon. Mind you I was more than a little glad for the diversion as I was taking issue with some aspects of the morning's message.

However in a way we are at war. War against the marijuana farmers who have made the foothills and inner reaches of our mountains into thriving ganga plantations. Coupled with the ganja eradication is a mission to capture fugitives from neighbouring islands who have apparently been embraced by our nationals and have made the mountains their home. Thus,the sound of helicopters is becoming a regular feature. As if to further drive home the war theme SVG TV's evening news profiled the operations complete with medics and all. For a moment visons of M*A*S*H flashed in my eyes and I thought we are really in business moreso with the news that one Bajan fugitive and two Vincies are casualties. The debate continues as to whether or not excessive force was used.

Call me cynical but this marijuana eradication seems to be an exercise in futility. As has happened before the helicopters would come, do their demolition jobs and as sure as night follows day the plantations flourish again. This suggests to me that rather than surgery some/more emphasis should be placed on preventative methods. What are the factors that drive young men to the hills? Is it just a get rich quick mentality or are there other factors at play? Until we can properly answer these and other questions we will continue to spin top in mud.

So much money wasted on fighting a plant.

Why not just start a War on Chrysanthemums? Hell, if we're going to fight plants let's leave no flora left standing. Death to Dandelions!
lol that' a plan. Btw,do you tweet and if so what's your username?
@CynicalChris duh ;)
Hi there!

I had no idea what it is like each day there!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!
Interesting stuff. Abeni, do YOU tweet? I do. @madbull4
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