Sunday, May 03, 2009


Tough time to be a pig

It must suck to be an Egyptian pig facing slaughter with no court of appeal. The WHO's assurance that the virus formerly known as swine flu is a human to human transmission has fallen on deaf ears. The pigheaded or is it chicken livered Eygptian government seems hellbent on slaughtering around 300,000 pigs in response to the virus.

Around the world other pigs are relaxing since all the bad press is disappearing while their comrades in Eygpt are in a quandry. Unfortunately for them there is no Schindler with a list to save them from certain death so resourceful pigs have been trying to find refugee status in nearby countries. Others have been trying to contact Miss Piggy, the world's most famous pig to highlight their plight.

According to reports from Eygpt some pigs with their last grunt have prayed for their executioners to be afflicted with a flu ten times worse than the current. In other news pigs in Egypt were fruitlessly seen trying to fly.

this is craazy funny!!
haha, You crack me up!
ghurl... de title alone killing me. maybe yuh could subtitle it Don't call me swine agen!

lol,this happens when you have a little too much free time
Sounds like its time for an Egyptian jerk fest! By the way, Moslems not supposed to eat pork, are they? What they doing with pigs down in Egypt?
LMAO! Girl what were you drinking when you came up with this.

But poor pigs.
MB,the Christians there rear them.Still that's a lot of pigs
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