Saturday, May 09, 2009


To my Grandmother

You helped me form my first letters

You taught me how to sew a button and hem a skirt.

You taught me to wash and iron my school clothes which was not a task I particularly liked.

You impressed upon me the need to save from my allowance.

You introduced me to the stove when I would rather read or be elsewhere doing mindless stuff with my friends.

You made sure I undid my hair before I sat down to have it combed.

You reminded me that even annoying little brothers were to be cherished.

You set curfew hours which at the time seemed unfair as did the punishments.

I didn't know it back then but you were really teaching me some invaluable life lessons such as the importance of family, the need to be self sufficient and discipline. Most of all you taught me that love was more than just words but a demonstration of caring. So for all the tears you dried, the wrongs you righted and the instilling of self belief this woman is forever grateful.

Happy Mother's Day.

lovely words...

it's amazing how much we just don't get when we're younger... and how much sense it makes once we become adults...
What about your mother?
Hey,welcome back. We lived different places but My mother knows how it is with me and my grandmother
Beautiful....its great that you have such a great relationship.

I've never really known my grand parents that well...only in legends..
happy belated mothers day
*Tears well*
Simply beautiful.
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