Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Those Government Boots

Ever since I was a child I heard stories about people being abused by police officers. In some instances there were reports of persons who died while in police custody. Despite all the press and protests I do not recall anyone being found guilty of any wrongdoing.

Lately, charges of police brutality have again taken centre stage with more public protests. Many of us have a love/hate relationship with the police since we acknowledge their role in keeping order but deplore the excesses some demonstrate. Recently, two men were taken into custody after they were found naked in a vehicle. It is alleged that these men were not allowed to get dressed before they were taken to the Police Station. I would really hope this story is untrue since if true it speaks to an awful lack of maturity by the officers. While some sections of society may applaud that move given our homophobic nature far too many complaints can be read in the newspapers or heard over the airwaves which should make the Police Force look inwards.

If the Police is increasingly seen as the enemy then it's small wonder that the Force often complains about lack of cooperation from the citizens. Therefore,it is important for them to work towards fostering a better relationship and not operate as being above the law.

very well said... this should be a letter to the paper...
you were put here to protect us
but who protects us from you?
just because you say its illegal doesnt mean that its true
your authority's never questioned
No-one questions you
If I hit you I'll be killed
But you hit me? I can sue
Begs the question
Quis costodiet ispso costodes?
I heard Miller on the radio last night. The callers put him on the spot for real.
Tragic things happen when you give bullies a uniform, and power often corrupts. I believe that police officers should also have sensitivity training. Its s terrible thing, for we need them, yet so many are hated...
I've always felt that anyone with some measure of power should be held up to a higher standard. And punished at a higher level for even tiny infractions, so as to set up high expectations for behaviour..

Oh My I sound so HR.
It's a common occurrence here in Jamaica to see protests about police brutality, often times the other party is dead. As the song says, there are good cops and bad cops. It just seem the bad outnumber the good.
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