Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Welcome Home

The great Teofilo Stevenson, son of a Vincentian father and a Cuban mother,along with the Cuban cricket team is now on our shores. It's the first visit by a Cuban cricket team and while here the 19-member Cuban team will engage local teams in a number of limited overs cricket matches.

According to a news excerpt on SVG TV, an official programme will be planned in Stevenson's honour. I really hope I would be able to attend that programmme seeing that I am such a huge fan of the great man. I think we should just make him our second national hero and forget about all the others. Just kidding folks, but I am offically excited and that's no joke.

Never knew Cuba had a cricket team!
sadly, there are lots of things we don't know bout Cuba... and I happen to love the country tho I've never been there or anythin'

Rich history...
:-) I gave you an award. It's at the bottom of this post:

cuba has a cricket team? hmmmm. we need to get them into west indies cricket
So you're a bigtime boxing fan or wah?
Not as nuch as I used to be...I getting ole:)
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