Sunday, April 19, 2009


Save the Youth

Nine (9) men ranging from 28 to 64 in age were dragged before the Magisrates Court to answer charges of sexual intercourse with a 13 yr old child. It is rumoured that the child is pregnant which probably served as the catalyst for the men's arrest.

In a perfect world these men would feel the weight of the law. Phrases such as "dem little gyal too womanish" and she gie(give) di man dem" would be meaningless. Sadly, I fear that they will be given a slap on the wrist and worse the court of public opinion will heap scorn on the victim.

There used to be a time when sexual crimes, particularly incest used to incur the scorn of the neighbourhood. Mock hangings, designed to publicly shame the perpetrators were a common feature. Nowadays, the shift is noticeably placing the blame or most of it on the "womanish girl children". Very few seem to want to unequivocally condemn the men for their criminal behaviour or even examine the factors at play that cause this womanishness. It is easier to simply blame the victim and go about our merry little lives.

It must be really hard to be growing up in this age. More than ever children are being confronted by sexual images and with no proper guidance they become an easy target at a time when they are discovering their womanhood. I once had a young girl explain to me in detail why a much older man is her dream partner. As you may have guessed she saw him and others like him as a means of getting a cell phone, MP 3, Ipod or whatever is the latest craze. With parents unable to provide their young bodies become currrency. While I do not endorse this way of thinking I understand the materialism at play and recognise there is much educating to be done.

Unfortunately for these young ladies they do not make the rules. They do not even understand the game but it's by these very rules that will "die".

An absolutely correct analysis of a very tragic situation.
Victims being victimised...
whatever happened to justice?
I forgot.
That's a luxury reserved for the wealthy...
What on earth is this world coming too...Just the other day a woman here in the US was charge with the murder or a little girl, they said the woman raped the girl before killing her, how can a woman rape a 8yr old girl..madness..
Any long time I haven't visited you. Where's your facebook page.
Nine (9) men ranging from 28 to 64 in age were dragged before the Magisrates Court to answer charges of raping a 13 yr old child.Fixed that for you.
Thank you Chris.

campie,world gone mad and ruthie it does seem at times that justice is not blind.

Campie my facebook got privacy settings so you have to gimme your details because you wont find me:)
This is just depressing. I dont even have a suitably acerbic retort anymore.
since I don't have your contact, I'll get Jidid to pass it on to you.
just today in Jamaica, a 16 year old high school student left for school, but didnt turn up at the start time.

Her mother went to enquire about her (I wondered how di mother knew to go to the school) and while she was there, the daughter came in.

She was questioned and it turns out she had sex with a 26 year old taxi operator. Police arrested him and they looking for another, with whom the girl told them she was ALSO in a relationship with!

At 16, what me did know bout man???/ Didly squat. These young girls are being influenced by the images they have around them, in the community, on TV, the internet....and in the absence of good parenting, it turns up like this.
It is indeed a sad and unfortunate state that our youth are in these days. As the morals of our society declines, incidents like these will only continue to increase as perpetrators will increase and become even bolder and society become desensitized to these terrible acts against our vulnerable youths.
What you sayin'? Is one 13 year old all 9 of them had sex with? Time for public floggings to come back! Pon toppa di jail sentence! Di man dem gang rape di likkle girl?!
No MB,no tgang rape as far as I understand it.Seems it happened over a time span and more men may be charged.
We've reached astage where penalties are so relaxed that even if they re caught is only a slap on the wrist or better yet...more ratings from their friends. sad
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