Wednesday, April 01, 2009


No April Fool joke

If I told you a mother rented her baby,would you believe or say it's just an April Fool's joke? Well truth is really stranger than fiction as that drama was recently brought to the nation's attention. One mother rented her baby to help another woman con her boyfriend into believing she had given birth. Yes folks,baby rental can be a sure way to beat the recession blues.

Strangely, the only charge I read was the use of a false instrument(a birth certificate). I would have thought there would have been some charge relating to child endangerment,abuse,neglect or anything applicable on the books. It's disgusting enough that women/parents accept money rather than allow the courts to prosecute child molesters but this is a new low.

It's high time mothers/parents desist from using their children as objects to be sold to the highest bidder.It's high time too that we have a Family Services with enough teeth to undertake the serious business of protecting our children.

This is horrible. Don't they realize how much they charge for late fees in the baby rental business?

People stop renting babies! It's best to lease to own.
when i saw the headline in last week's paper i thought: "oh well, just another paternity suit"... then i read the article and i was flabbergasted...

imagine renting out your baby? wow... i feel for the guy... he went out and bought all that stuff... he was away sailing and expected to come home and meet his girlfriend and their new child... weird...
that is going the extra mile for a con. wow
I dunno which story take the cake... the Jdid one with the woman who left protective custody to go fete, or this... SMH... what a world we live in.
This raises so many did they expect to get away with this long term? Where is /was the father for the baby that was leased? How did they possibly conceive this daft notion???
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I have heard of rent a car, rent a house, rent a dread, but not rent a baby! She should along with the charges you specified, be charged with extortion too. Awful woman!
I have 2 here to sell. In fact their mother comes with it. 3 in 1 package. All inclusive.
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